Monday, August 22, 2016


I'm keeping the original title for this post even though I meant to have it up last Friday, but we're always looking forward to Friday so it's always applicable.

Last Friday night the high school football team had their first game of the season. It was actually just a scrimmage but when Georgia Grace heard that it was Gage's team that was playing, she insisted on going with Daddy, full cheerleading suit and all :) They have their first home game this Friday and I hope we can go watch and support them.

We're still trying to master our school routine. Jack can't decide if he needs one or two naps a day (the answer is two HA!). So for the days that he just gets in one, he's ready for bed at 6. It's tricky getting everyone fed and bathed and things ready for the next day when we're on different bed time schedules but we make it work. He loves to be read to (short books of course) and loves any book with cows. That's his favorite animal. Both of my children love books and I'm so thankful for that. I pray that learning comes easy for them and that Marcus and me as their first teachers equip them with everything they need to be successful.

Late summer is birthday party season for us. We had two pool parties in one day! They were staggered so we were able to make both of them.

First up was Ace's JAWS birthday party to celebrate him turning five. I cannot believe this boy is already a full hand, I remember going to the hospital the day he was born and getting to hold him, I think he singlehandedly gave me baby fever :)

Georgia Grace learned a new trick at the party. She got up on the board three times before she took the plunge. I have most of it on video and if I made a movie out of it I would call it "Progression of Bravery".

Because before we left, she was jumping off the diving board with Ace's Daddy! She went from too scared to jump to double jumping. I was so proud of her.

The next party was Thomas's 7th birthday party at MCP. It was a night swim so it worked out great for us to be able to attend both. Daddy came to this party to help me wrangle Jack. We love our sweet Thomas! FYI Georgia and Thomas are still boyfriend/girlfriend even after a year of kindergarten and preschool, we will see if they can survive first grade LOL!

More nightly reading, more wacky bed times. Brother is also cutting four molars right now. Besides one night of feeling pretty crummy he has done well with it this time.

We had a visitor at my office this week. My cousin Alex had her first baby, Merritt, on April 6th (one day before my birthday, almost a birthday buddy!) and she is sooooo sweet. I got to love on her, it just made my day!

This happened last weekend too. I sold my Accord back in June in two days after posting it on Facebook. We had officially outgrown my car and I was approaching 100k miles so we knew it was probably the most advantageous time for us to try to sell. Since then, I have drove my Dad's SUV until we found exactly what we wanted. I think the search for a vehicle changed four times before we finally decided.

We brought home a 2015 Tahoe LTZ. We drove three hours to get it but it was worth it for the savings and the dealership was so great to work with. We're really happy with our new vehicle! We love the captain's chairs middle row. I'm driving it to work each day but Daddy gets it on the weekends :)

Sister approves of the new ride. She made the trip with us and was so good. I have to remind myself she's three and not ten sometimes because of her maturity.

Thursday afternoon we had the sweetest visitor! I cooked supper for everyone and got to catch up on things. My sister and I are both so busy with our kids right now we don't get time to talk as much as we use to so it was wonderful spending some time with her. 

FYI if we are home, 99% of the time Jack is naked. He does usually have a diaper on but sometimes that is missing too ha! They both love Bo Bo so much.

He thinks he's big stuff on sister's bed. I think he was trying to camouflage himself so she doesn't find him.

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