Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Birthday at the Lake

I think that was the shortest, quickest weekend ever. Gosh I don't want summer to end. And even though there are six more weeks of summer technically, it just isn't quite the same when school starts back and we have work schedules to navigate around and such. #summerforever is what I'm screaming!

Saturday we had plans to spend the day at our friends Steve and Kathrine and Bradley and Mary Ellen's lake house. This was our first time going to the lake this year and Jack's very first time. We were excited about it!

Father and son ready to do some boating. Behind him it is normally dry land but we have had such a wet summer that the path to the dock is now underwater. It's been a crazy summer!

Jack exploring the pontoon before we took off (*he wore his puddle jumper the rest of the time). So a really crazy story. Marcus had got in the lake to swim and Jack wanted to as well. I hadn't got in yet but Mary Ellen was so she said she would take him. I hand him down to her and he starts fussing because he wants me. She is trying to climb the ladder to give him to me and he lunges backward and out of her arms head first (somersault style) into the lake! It really didn't scare me like I thought it would because I knew he was just fine with his puddle jumper on. He was underwater for less than a second. Poor Mary Ellen was mortified! She felt terrible and kept apologizing. I kept reassuring her that it was fine because it was! We will never forget his first swim in a lake :)

So after that everything else was easy ha! He enjoyed swimming and watching all the kids play on the trampoline and jet skis.

Sister was so brave and loved the lake! She is pretty reserved and takes a while to warm up to things but she surprised us with how comfortable she was in the water. She enjoyed playing on the trampoline with her girlfriends the most. While I was at the lakehouse with Jack while he napped, she rode the Jet Ski with Bradley too. It was a big day for her!

Saturday just so happened to be this guy's 28th birthday. What a perfect way to celebrate at the lake with friends and family. They got him a cake and we all sang to him even though he told us that wasn't necessary. Happy Birthday to my main squeeze! I love you!

When Jack got up from his nap, we went back for some more lake action. Sweet Ava and Jack were so sweet to each other.

I even caught this moment which melted me.

It really was a perfect day. We had a blast and can't wait to go back!

Missing a few but some of the cute kid crew. Jack felt as big as the rest of them.

When it was starting to get dark Marcus played a game of football with the boys and Jack had to be right in the middle of it. The big boys were sweet to include him and make sure he was safe.

A big thanks to the Embrys for having us over and for all the fun we had! They are such great friends and we are so thankful for their friendship. We've been connected with them for a while through Marcus having Will in class and Will and Thomas both going to AKK and then seeing each other every week for Sunday School and church has made us even closer. And now Georgia Grace and Ava are becoming close friends. They are all a blessing to us.

August is here and it's crazy crunch time for me at work as we prepare for our first day of school next week. But we're holding on to summer as long as we can! 

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