Monday, August 8, 2016


One of the busiest times of the year for us is in full swing as we start back to school and develop our school routine. The lax schedule of summer is sooo hard to give up. We love our summers so much! But August is here and we are gearing up for school, preschool, football games, football and all the in between.

We went to Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna's a couple weeks ago and checked out their garden. For Jack's first birthday party, we gave away vegetable seed packets as party favors and they planted their carrot seeds and they have carrots!

He loved exploring the garden and chasing Dixie the dog :)

While my brother Cody was in from NYC, we celebrated his birthday. The babies had to help him blow out the candles!

Pool days at Gammy's are some of our favorite days. But let's be honest. They swim for about an hour and then try to tear down the house the rest of the time :)

Georgia Grace loves her Sunday School teachers and Mrs. Melissa asked her to join her in the choir and she took her up on the opportunity. It was so sweet to watch her up there in the choir loft.

The best big cousins in the whole world. Georgia is mother hen and Jack runs by every ten minutes to kiss Bo.

Wild man trying to drive Aunt Shanna's jeep-he loves vehicles, garages, playing with tools. He's all boy.

We took Jack's one year pictures a few weeks ago and Julia sent me a sneak peek that I about died over. These pictures are like three months late but I'm sticking to better late than never.

I was emptying Jack's diaper genie when a bright color caught my eye. As you can see he has been using his genie as a toy deposit for several days/weeks.

It was full of wooden clocks, magnetic letters, a pair of sunglasses and a snowglobe. We couldn't help but laugh about it. What a little stinker!

Mommy has been in the office getting ready for school to start while Daddy and the babies are home. Facetiming with them is so much fun.

She might only be three but she asks me everyday if she can help with the laundry so the other night I taught her how to correctly fold clothes. She was SO proud of herself and learned quick. She's anxious for the next load to fold. This might be my smartest mommy moment yet.

GGH lives for slumber parties. Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna asked her over last week and she was so excited! I think they all had fun.

Tuesday night I volunteered at our annual back to school bash and had the best assistant. Everyone complimented how well behaved she was. She makes me so proud everyday!

Tomorrow the new school year begins and the rat race begins. I'm praying this school year is one that yields academic achievements, safe schools and a Christian culture that loves Jesus. Whether you're private or publicly educated, it's always ok to shine Jesus's light. 

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