Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back To School 2016

Last Tuesday we started back to school. It's always bittersweet as we say goodbye to the freedom of summer and hello to routine and schedules. We are SO grateful though that we have flexible summers and get to enjoy the most fun time of the year.

Marcus started his seventh year of teaching. Each year goes by a little faster. Last year he said goodbye to a group of students he had for three years which was hard for him but he was eager to meet his new fifth graders.

She had just rolled out of bed but agreed to a picture with her Daddy :) Jack was still snoozing.

After an episode of Sofia the First, she was ready to spruce up and get ready for her first day of preschool! AKK is open year around but they begin and end their academics on the public school schedule so a new year always begins and ends. We was excited to get back to all her friends! They have their lessons and still manage to squeeze in an hour of swimming in the morning until Labor Day. She lives the life!

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for AKK preschool. I feel so good about her kindergarten readiness (even though she's two years away) and most importantly, that she is safe and loved. They are the best!

She is a big girl now and walks to the front door and rings the door bell all by herself. Jack and me are not allowed to go in the front door so we sneak in the side door so we don't ruin her big girl reputation ;)

I did get close enough to snap a picture this morning. She's so proud that she's tall enough to reach the doorbell now.

And this boy started back to Grandmomma's too! He stays with Grandmomma four days a week and Mamaw Novis one day during the school year when Marcus and I both work full time.

If there is a mess to be had, he will find it. But he's happy and learning so we can handle the messes.

We are off to a very smooth start to this school year. We have our morning routine down pat and we haven't been late one time yet. That's a miracle! I  am going to try to extend that streak as long as I can.

Happy Wednesday!

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