Friday, August 15, 2014

Five on Friday

Georgia Grace has had a week of transitions as we adjust to our new schedule and routine. She loves going to her Grandmomma's to play with her friends and seeing the school buses in the morning but she doesn't love naptime, brushing her teeth and bedtime. I'm hoping next week these things will start coming easier. It's been hard on this momma to see her upset by the things we know she needs although she doesn't think she does. I think this selfie face says it all!
But she's still a happy girl all the other time! Let her play outside and watch Frozen and you're set :)
Yesterday the SEC Network launched! And the first live game for the network will be a UK basketball game today which is super cool considering it's August. I know this will be our main channel this fall. College football season can't get here soon enough!
When I found out I was pregnant with Georgia Grace my mom gave me a copy of "Little Mommy". I had a childhood copy but the pages were ripped and it wasn't in good condition so she found me a brand new copy. I read it to her sometimes and tonight she specifically requested it. I was blown away that she remembered the title! I screamed for Marcus and showed him that she was pointing at the book saying "Little Mommy". I feel like I have made it as a girl mom :)
Yesterday marked the 15 year anniversary of the motorcycle wreck that nearly took Marcus's parent's lives. They were victims of a hit and run incident with a drunk driver that left them both in serious condition. Today we praise the Lord that He spared both of them on that night! God wasn't finished with them. I'm thankful GGH has a Ma and Pa here today that we all love so very much!

I'll conclude with one of the highlights of my week. My sweetest friend Beth Lau sent me the most encouraging note this week to congratulate me on my new job. Her words are always so life giving to me. It was exactly the pick me up I was needing. I'm thankful God brought us together during our WKU days and continues to allow us to be in each other's lives despite the distance.
Happy Friday friends!

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