Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Georgia Grace Says

This post is devoted to all the things our girl is doing and saying these days. She has developed quite a vocabulary in her 21 months of life. I think she has inherited the talking gene honestly :)
Last Friday night we went and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant and on our way home she asked to "go see Gammy". Gammy wasn't at home so she settled for a phone call. Mind you this phone call lasted about 30 minutes. She would just walk around the yard and talk just like a teenager would. I heard bits of "Olaf", "pee in the potty" and "rice and chips" ha! And then a lot of it I had no clue about but she knew :) I think it made Gammy's night.

"Here Shannie needs her boobies"
Yes that's exactly what she said the other night when we went to visit Aunt Shanna after she got home from the hospital. And then she put the bra on.

Her three favorite things to play right now are babies, kitchen and talk on the phone. We usually have to take a baby with us everywhere we go. Most of the time she needs to take two babies. She loves for me to swaddle them and then she will rock them. It's as precious as it sounds trust me.
She told Aunt Shanna when she was leaving the other day, "I'll text ya!"
Aunt Shanna had her second surgery yesterday and everything is looking great! Thanks again for all the prayers!

This child loves to talk anytime but especially at naptime when she is supposed to be napping. We knew requiring her take a scheduled nap with the other preschoolers would be a challenge and it has been but I think we are making small improvements each day. Here was the conversation recap I received today via text:
She laid down good. No tears and then did her talking. Her-Daddy?  
Me-Daddy is at work. She said see him soon?  I said yes. 
Her-Mommy?  Me-Mommy is at work 
Her-shannie's eys?  I kiss it?
Me- yes you can when she gets here after nap. 
Then she said "Thomas? Georgia Grace said no. 
Ace?  Georgia Grace said no. 
Ellis?  Georgia Grace said no." 
Guess she was trying to decide on a beau of the day lol!!
Fussing for less than 2 minutes. No fits!! 
She is out now!
Total from lay down to out-14 minutes!
Hope ur day is going good!

She keeps us laughing all day long. I'm going to make an effort to take more videos because we haven't done a good job of that. I want to remember her precious little voice!

It's apparent she's getting closer to being a two year old everyday. Hold me!


  1. Love this! She is too cute! 2 is such a fun age and I'm just like you, constantly thinking I need to video more but I always forget!

  2. Our girls are too much alike! Graceyn constantly says stuff that kills me! Love this age (most of the time ;)).. She had my bra the other day and said "Put your boobies on momma". Ha!!