Saturday, August 2, 2014

Last Weekend, Frankfort & A Dream Come True

We have completed over half of our #summerbucketlist and have plans for most of the rest of the tasks. Marcus and I have both really enjoyed having these established goals to keep track of fun things we can do with Georgia Grace. To say she has had a fun summer would be a major understatement.

Last Friday night we celebrated Marcus's birthday early with his family at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants Moonlite. And it just so happened in the humungous restaurant we were seated right by GGH's "boyfriend". We heard about her "boyfriend Ace" all the way home. They are just the sweetest!

Last weekend you could have found us poolside. This is our first summer with Mom's new pool and I think we've done our part to illustrate it was money well spent :)

 Sunday night was Mexican night. We normally have quiet Sunday nights at home preparing for the week ahead but we felt like doing something a little different and enjoying the relaxed schedule that comes with summer.

Me: "Georgia, do you want to go to Garcia's?"
GGH: "Yes, chips!" Ha!
We have a deep love for our Mexican food around here. 

She was such a big girl to sit in the booth all by herself and feed herself (mostly). And the Baby Bjorn Bib was one of my best purchases as a parent. Wipe it off and go! So much easier than laundering stained cloth bibs.
Thursday I had to be in Frankfort for a conference and since I would be staying overnight my two favorites tagged along! I trained, they toured the town. I know who got the better end of that deal.

But they saved the best for last so I could be a part of it. Because it's not a trip to Frankfort without visiting the State Capitol building! This was Georgia Grace's first trip and she loved climbing the steps and running around the perimeter. We didn't get to go in as they weren't giving tours that day so we will have to make another trip so she can see the inside. It's so beautiful!
The best photo bomber I've ever seen. She made the picture so much cuter :)

We walked the gardens of the Governor's Mansion also-when in Rome. It's modeled after Queen Maria Antoinette's villa in Versailles, France. Nope, didn't know that prior to the trip, read a historical society sign :)

So why was I in Frankfort this week???

Because I have some big news to share...
I have accepted the position as the Director of Special Programs for Butler County Schools! I have always had a passion for nutrition, especially school nutrition. I have aspired to become a nutrition director and those aspirations are now reality. I will be the director for other programs in the school district as well that are equally important and I'm excited about that opportunity to be involved in other aspects of children getting the very best education.
Thank you to those who prayed and supported me. God has truly went before me to open doors and make provisions according to His plan. And thank you to my Grayson County family for three wonderful years at TLRMC! I will miss the people and hospital so much but I know this is the path I am suppose to be taking. And they have all supported me and wished me well despite hating to see me go-love those people so much. 
I'm ecstatic to begin my new career at BCBOE! Go Bears! 

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  1. We take a field trip to our State House every year. I think I enjoy it almost as much as my students. Congrats on the new job! That is wonderful news!!!!