Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Georgia is 1 3/4!

A new house, a new photographer (Daddy did the honors this month and did a fine job-he's such a good Daddy) and pictures to illustrate our girl's blooming personality featured this month. It's been three months of change as we sold our house, moved in with my Dad and started the process of building our new home. Georgia Grace has been a trooper through all the adversities and unfamiliar situations. God has outdone Himself with her.

Georgia-you are a year and 3/4! 

  • I'm guessing you to be around 22 pounds and about 32-33 inches tall. You wear 18 month clothing and big girl panties during the day and a size 4 diaper at night. You are wearing a size 5/6 shoe.
  • Since I already mentioned the big girl panties, the biggest accomplishment in the past three months is potty training! You went all day yesterday in panties without an accident!! You still wear a diaper to bed but I don't think it will be long before we make the switch to panties. You have woke up dry several times. You couldn't make me more proud if you tried sweet baby girl!
  • You have a mouth full of teeth. I have truly lost count. One of your top lateral incisors ("second tooth") was really slow to come in and we were worried you didn't have it but it has finally appeared! Your teeth are cute and small and look like your Daddy's did at the same age.
  • You are speaking in full sentences. You try to say every word you here. And I can already hear that thick southern drawl in your voice. Wonder who you get that from? :)
  • The number 5 does still not exist to you. When we tell you to put a 5 between the 4 and 6 you say "No". Your teenage years are going to be fun :)
  • You nap most days (that will soon be everyday when you start preschool) and sleep through the night. Some nights we still rock you and some nights you go on your own. Your schedule has been more relaxed this summer by staying and waking up later but that will soon change with the start of the new school year.
  • You are very friendly and wave at everybody. You love men! And you remain such the Daddy's girl.
  • You like to keep busy and rarely sit still. I don't think you have ever sit down and watched 30 straight minutes of TV. 
  • You will officially be an AKK preschooler this fall. You love it and I think it's made you more confident and outgoing! I'm so thankful for the structure, manners, curriculum and friendships that it offers. You are in the best hands no doubt when Mommy and Daddy are at work.
  • You have also inherited another personality trait from your mother of being bossy. It's your life and we're just living in it :) You love bossing Owen and repeating the commands I give him. You are first born through and through.
  • We finally said goodbye to the bottle! You sometimes have a sippy of milk before bed (trying to bump that up so we can do the nightime panty thing) but no bottle at all! It was an easy transition actually despite my fears. You fussed a few mornings for one but quickly accepted your beverages in a sippy or cup or through a straw and moved on with life. You make my job easy GGH!
  • You eat three meals a day but you are such a grazer. You want to be snacking on something all day long. This must be the reason for your high metabolism! Your favorite foods are corn, cheese, peaches, rice and strawberries. You love Mexican food! 

Twenty one months went fast. Super fast. Faster than I even expected despite the warnings from fellow mommy friends. Even though time does move swiftly we wouldn't want to spend our time any other way. You are the best of both of us Georgia Grace and I'm super proud everyday to call you mine. 

Happy 1 3/4 years to my little dolly! I love you forever!


And happiest of birthdays (#26) to our favorite guy in the whole world! We are celebrating tonight with dinner and they have both tagged along with me to a work conference at our state capitol so it's a nice little getaway for us. We love you MPH!


  1. What?! How amazing and smart Miss GGH is ;) please share potty training tips and how to. And my goodness speaking full sentences! I'm sure all kids develop on their own time but you must be such a proud mama :) can't wait to see pictures of the new house and progress. Hugs and luvs

    1. Thanks so much Darcy!! Let me make sure we are over the hill and then I will share a few tips :) She was really easy. Started showing interest early on so it was an ideal environment. I'll keep you posted friend :))

  2. Awww I love this! Super impressed with the potty training! :)

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth!! I'm so proud of her :)