Thursday, July 10, 2014


It's been a while since I posted about the latest Georgiaisms. This summer we have watched her change in so many ways. She is baby turned little girl in just a matter of months. It's a beautiful thing to see her learn new skills and possess certain mannerisms and take on a young girl look. She really feels like such a big girl. Thank goodness she's not as big as she acts sometimes :) 

Here are some of the new, awesome, funny things our Georgia Grace is conquering:

The biggest, most awesome new thing is that she is 90% potty trained! She wears panties through the day and a diaper if we are going somewhere and for bedtime. She has woke up several mornings with a dry diaper! So far potty training has been really easy with this child. She started showing interest back in May and has just continued to want to be a big girl. What's funny is she is so young that she doesn't value panties really. We make a big deal out of them and buy her new ones and give her the option between the diaper or panty and she could care less. Guess that comes with a potty training 20 month old :) Hopefully we will be 100% by the start of the new school year. So so so proud of her! 

Something funny she just started doing this week is she calls my Mom (who wishes to be called Gammy) Tammy! She is not a fan of the G sound and has refused to say Gammy up until now which is actually Tammy. Mom is just thrilled she has a name :) Tammy it is.

When she counts it goes "One, Two, Free, Fo-a, Sich..." Five does not exist to her no matter how many times we say it the correct way. And they way she pronounces those numbers is to die for cute.

When we tell her we love her, she says "Love me". She understands there is a possessive pronoun change but hasn't quite mastered the correct one. I love it though.

She loves ending words with the "e" sound. Pooie, Owie (Owen), diapie, Shannie...the list goes on.

Marcus was hollering for me from downstairs and GGH heard him and said "Kate" (what Marcus calls me mostly). We weren't sure if that's what she said so we asked her to say it again and sure enough it was "Kate". It was so strange to hear her say anything but Mommy. I quickly corrected her :)

Her vocabulary grows everyday. She has started saying that she "needs" things ("I need to see my Dadda") and can carry on a small conversation rather well. Her annunication of words has really improved in the last few months. It does appear she has inherited her mother's talking gene.

We are right smack dab in the middle of taking away the bottle. We are down to just a night bottle. It's completely a comfort thing for her because she can use a sippy, straw, and a regular cup with no problem. This morning she really wanted her bobble. Parenting is hard sometimes. I'm thankful this is really the only thing we have had to wean from her. It's enough though.

She has loved playing with her AKK friends this summer when her and Daddy go over to Grandmomma's to visit. They love the days "baby Georgia" comes over to play with them.

Her uniform this summer has been a swimsuit. Between three pools in the family and a watertable we are constantly doing something in the water.
She has taken a recent interest in dressing herself. She doesn't like to have her clothes changed but for some reason she finds amusement when she does it herself. She loves to wear other people's shoes and clothes as well.
Since moving to my Dad's house they have become so close. Every night when he gets home from work she says "Poppa, Poppa, Poppa" and sticks her little hand out motioning him to come to the playroom with her. It's precious. They are best buddies!
These days are really special. I wish I could bottle them up special. We are definitely on the wee part of the ride.


  1. Yay on being almost potty trained! Send some tips my way! Kennedy hears me yell "nick" quite a lot so she has started doing that too instead of daddy sometimes. We think it's hilarious but we always correct her.

  2. Haha no tips, we have no clue what we are doing! She has just showed interest on her own. We have replaced the word "baby" to "big girl" when we talk to her because we say big girls pee in the potty and wear panties and don't drink bottles. That seems to help! Oh funny! Guess they all do it at some point in time :)

  3. She is getting so big! We're working on the potty training, too. It's definitely interesting times! haha

    1. Both are girls are big girls now! :( Isn't it though? It's a season :)

  4. Yay Georgia!! Keep it up big girl!

    1. Thanks Lindsey and Graceyn! :) I hope we have it whipped by the end of the month!