Friday, July 18, 2014

The house that built us

We have been moved for three weeks now and are slowly getting every box emptied and every closet stuffed full of our things. The transition to our temporary home has been seamless and we are enjoying the extra space, huge yard and panoramic views. I think I had forgot how much I enjoyed the outdoors.

Even though we are elated to build a larger home to grow our family into and to make new memories in our very first home will always hold a little place in my heart and remind me of home when I pass by. It holds the history of a sweet love story in between those walls.

We bought the house while we were engaged five years ago. It was the second house we had looked at and I was sold on the first house because it was more of a fixer upper and I thought since we were young and able it would be fun to take on. Thank you to everyone who kindly told me different :)

It didn't take long before I fell in love with the house too. Marcus moved in on New Years Day and I moved in after our wedding. Those days of making our house our home will be forever etched into my memory. Besides a dorm room neither of us had lived outside of our parent's homes so we didn't have much to fill up the space but we didn't realize that at the time nor did it matter. For our bedroom suite we used one that has been passed down in my family. Our dining room table was from Marcus' family. The recliner in the living room was handed down to us from my grandparents. It was like a patchwork quilt of all of our families in the form of a little, cozy, furnished house. 

We celebrated four Christmases, gave treats to over 1,000 trick-or-treaters, watched hometown parades from the front yard, brought home our first born, and entertained lots of family and friends (lots of outdoor grilling ha!). There was laughing, there was fighting, there were tears, and there were trials. We built our marriage and our family while living in that home.

It's with an anxious and humbled heart that we say our final goodbye to the place that holds endless memories. Even though there were several days I spent more time ready to be done with it than enjoying it for what it was I will always remember it for the love and happiness it brought. But I know that the people inside the house are what the memories are made around and home to me will always be wherever they are.

I'm thankful for this home and the new home I will share with them soon. We are closing one chapter of the story and beginning a new one.


  1. Thanks for inspiring me to start a blog!!

    1. Meredith this is just what I needed to hear! I'm so glad I could inspire you to capture your memories. You'll be thankful you did :) Consider me an avid follower!