Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

It is mid July and I feel like Summer just began. This is definitely one of the fastest seasons I can remember. We only have three weekends left to savor these lazy, fun days until the new school year begins and Daddy is back to the daily grind. I hope they are all as enjoyable as this one!

I worked Thursday (I earned a three day weekend so I gladly did it!) and Georgia Grace took a trip to the orchard with Marcus, Aunt Shanna, Ma and Pa. They were all on vacation last week so it was the perfect time for a family outing for the original Harrison four + the new addition to the lineage :)

She fed the farm animals, went down the big slide with Aunt Shanna and ate some yummy peach ice cream. She loves animals so this day trip was right up her alley.

While she was doing that I was doing this. Two other local dietitians and myself hosted a "MyPlate Grocery Tour" at a local grocery store.

This was my first time ever doing a nutritional grocery tour and it was a lot of fun! This is the rewarding part of my job and I'm thankful for this opportunity. 

Our three day weekend started off Friday with a trip to the orthodontist (bent my bottom permanent retainer and had to have it replaced) and the Depot to look at house pretties. She had fun the first 30 minutes we were in the store but then she started taking her dress off and standing up in the cart and other on-the-cusp of two years of age activities :) We wrapped up our shopping and headed out for lunch.

Friday night was one of the most fun nights of the summer in my book. Chaney's Dairy Barn hosted their "Ice Cream & A Moo-vie" night and it was Frozen night. It was a nobrainer that we had to attend this night. We met Aunt Paigey and Uncle Eric there and packed a cooler full of nostalgic drive-in snacks. There was so many people, it was the largest crowd they had ever had. We found a small opening on the far right side, threw down our quilt and enjoyed the show. This will be a summer tradition for us!

Saturday was another fishing trip for Marcus. They caught over 200 fish! I seriously don't know how there are any fish left in Lake Malone.

My girl and I found another body of water to entertain us. She became super brave this weekend and was jumping in like a fish and "swimming" with us. We have to be careful to not get her ears wet but that doesn't stop us from having fun!

Sunday was church and a pool party for our sweet friends Lola and Eli. This was Georgia Grace's first trip to the Morgantown City Pool. It's a huge pool and it took her a little while to warm up but once she did she didn't want to leave. All her AKK friends were so excited to see her. They have been on vacation for two weeks so it will be a sweet reunion today when she goes to visit :)

Happy Monday! We've got a busy week ahead of us so I'm just taking it day by day and living up summertime!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I agree, this summer has gone by way too fast! I am not ready for it to be over!

    1. It has been in turbo speed! Me neither, friend. Hope yours was equally fun!!