Friday, July 25, 2014

List Bliss

Happy Friday y'all! My life is not functioning in long, narrative thoughts but rather short lists right now so I'm not going to fight it. We've been doing a lot of "hurry up and wait" here lately and as exhausting as it can be I know there is a reason for it. I have been reminded several times this week to just simply trust His plan. His plan is good. His plan is sovereign. There's a lot of peace and freedom in those words for me.

Last week (July 14th) was my two year blogiversary. Some days it feels like I just started and some days I feel like I have been a blogger forever. Even though my plate has more on it than it did two summers ago when I was halfway through my first pregnancy and wasn't wrangling a toddler I still try to make time to chronicle our lives. These days are fleeting and I want to remember them as vividly as I can while still living in the moment each and every day. Blogging has a beautiful way of allowing you to do both. Thank you to my readers (over 83,000 page views say what?!? Y'all rock.) for motivating me without even knowing you do. It's been a fun journey that I hope continues for a long time.

 Potty training. So much to say about that. Since I last posted exclaiming we were 90% there I jinxed us and she decided she wasn't interested in the potty. But then Wednesday night I had the idea to store a bin of toys right by her potty so that she can play while she sits and that seemed to do the trick. She wore panties all afternoon and night without any accidents! Maybe just maybe we will have it whipped by the end of summer.

Can we talk about how big this child has been acting here lately? She speaks in full sentences ("I want more corn", "I want to see my Dada", "Get up Eliza, Callyn; Go pee!" Ha!), drinks from a cup, pees in the potty and wears big girl panties. But no matter how big she acts during the day you can bet she wants her nighttime milk and cuddles to soothe her to sleep. We're hanging on to that as long as we can.

Naptime yesterday equaled studying our plans (I feel so official since they are in blueprint form now!). The builder said how impressed he was with the detailed list of materials, finishes, etc. that we provided during the bidding process. He hasn't learned how Type A I am yet obviously ;) Things are moving right along and we are on track to break ground by the end of summer-yeehaw!

Sunday we were greeted at Mamaw's with the sweetest gifts from my baby cousin. She asked Georgia Grace and me to stand by her on her wedding day.

This is the third flower girl gig she has landed! And technically her fourth wedding if you count when I was 38 weeks pregnant with her as the Matron of Honor in my sister-in-law's wedding :) She will be 2 1/2 for the wedding which should be a good age. Time will tell the tale. 

She was so excited she did the "cheese" grin! She loves her Payton so very much. These two are an inseparable pair.

She will be the most beautiful bride. I'm so thankful we get to share the day with her.

Have a great weekend friends!

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