Monday, July 21, 2014

Harrison Happenings

It's times like now when I have a full plate and no time left in my day to devote to blogging that I'm tempted to throw in the towel. And then I read a comment that I have inspired someone to start a personal blog and I'm motivated all over again (Yay Meredith!). Thanks to all of my readers for tuning in and supporting me. It's getting ready to get really exciting in the next few months as I blog about our building process. I hope I can be a resource to others who plan on building in the future. I know the bloggers I follow that have recently built homes have helped inspire me.

Here's what our week/weekend looked like from an iPhone lens. My camera lens has still not turned up since we moved. Am I really going to have to go through every box of storage?? :(

Georgia Grace in her Pa's '77 Camaro. She loves going to the garage with him and "riding" the car and motorcycle. Sixteen years is going to go by way too quickly.

This week was full of pool parties. We were able to make two out of three and she had the best time once she warmed up to the ginormous pool. Lola P was a great swim partner since Mommy had already put her clothes back on!

Another sweet one of GGH with the birthday girl. The grins say it all! 

Two-thirds of us smiling with our eyes open is a win :)

Aiden's birthday party was two nights later and although it was an unseasonably cool July day they still had a lot of fun. She has always been rather fond of Aiden. I think this picture depicts that ;)

Thursday we had a family day just hanging around the house and enjoying the pleasant non-July weather. We went on a family picnic and I captured a sweet moment of Georgia Grace eating her favorite food-corn. This child wants corn with every meal. And for snack. It's a good thing we have so many fresh corn growers in our area, I keep us well stocked.

Friday night was a big night. We met with our architect to pick up our finalized house plans! Two long months of planning, changing, adding, changing back to the original, and adding some more finally yielded the house of our dreams. It's going to be perfectly us. Can't wait to share the details with you soon.
On our way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel to celebrate with some southern comfort food. As we were leaving we had to try out the rocking chairs I took this picture which definitely tells a story. Notice the silhouette of the young man in the background, thus the cause of the dreamy expression. And also note her big toe peeping out of her baby Jacks ha! [baby Jacks from Gymboree but it appears they have been discontinued :(]

Yesterday we worked the church nursery and came home and rocked babies in our own nursery. She loves her "babies" which yesterday included a UK cheerleader doll, a wiener dog beanie baby, a build-a-bear bear and a tub baby. She's the best little mommy.

And then we spent some of the afternoon outside running and playing. I put her in dog ears just to try something different and they were an instant hit. She loved them too. This may be our 'do for the summer :)

Wifi is coming to my Dad's this week so maybe I will blog more regularly or maybe not. Everything else comes first and then if I have a spare 30 minutes I will crank out a post.

Happy Monday friends!


  1. Kennedy has always liked baby dolls but in the past 2 weeks she has gotten really into one particular doll, changing her diaper, feeding her etc...Such a fun thing to watch! Georgia Grace is precious with her babies!

    1. Don't you just love it?!? I was telling a friend today I think al girl moms want their daughters to love playing with babies. Such a fun stage of life!