Sunday, July 24, 2016

Marcus's Class Reunion

It's blog catch up time. Late July and all of August are just a crazy time for me so instead of blogging when the kids go to bed, I've been working from home. Things will settle down once school starts back but until then you'll find me missing not one but TWO dentist appointments and forgetting where I put my phone that I'm carrying in my hand.

Let's back track to two weekends ago right before we left for Texas. That week was a whirlwind. We celebrated the Fourth on Monday, my sweet nephew was born on Wednesday, Marcus's class reunion was Saturday night and early Sunday morning we caught our flight to Texas for five days. I'm still trying to rebound from all of that!

Marcus's ten year class reunion was held at Indian Hills Country Club. My reunion was at the same venue so if the pictures look similar there's a reason :) I seriously remember thinking about my ten year reunion when I was in high school and thinking how far far away that seemed. We turned around twice and here we are.

Picture on the left was the night of Marcus's high school graduation. I'm a year older so I was already in college. We didn't know how that year would be for us but we made it! I couldn't wait for him to join me at WKU in the fall after a year of being at different schools.

Marcus and Rachel, class officers and life long friends. Rachel worked her tail off getting everything ready for the reunion.

BCHS c/o 2006

We sat with friends we talk to on a daily basis and friends we rarely see and needed to catch up with. L to R: Andrea, Chelsea, Josh, Landon, Rachel, Nathan and Marcus

Landon and Josh were actually classmates of mine until middle school so we have been friends since we were little. Landon is a local meteorologist that we watch every morning to check the weather. So proud of him! I remember in elementary school he declared he wanted to be a weatherman and look at him now :) Josh is a miracle walking. He was in med school when they discovered something he was extremely sick. He has had eight brain surgeries since then. He and his wife Chelsea are such a testament of faith and perseverance. They have inspired me in so many ways and we are SO thankful he was here to celebrate ten years with his class.

It's fun doing life with these two.

The Hamptons are so much fun!

Another life long pal, Hillery. She is a great friend.

The high school years were fun for Marcus and me. We made the most of them and acted like normal teenagers. Although they are in the rear view mirror now, it's great to take one night to celebrate the days of cruising town, 30 text messages per month phone plans (cell phones were just becoming popular and texting was brand new!) and lifeguarding at the city pool in the summers. Life was good back then but it's even better now. I'm thankful for those years that led us to where we are now.

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