Friday, July 8, 2016

The Fourth

First and foremost, the most important news, my nephew is here! He's beautiful and healthy. My sister was a rockstar in the delivery room. I'll do a full post dedicated to him but I had to share the news. Mommy and baby are both doing great and we couldn't be more proud of him.

So between my new nephew and the long holiday weekend I got a little behind on my blogging so prepare yourself for a marathon of pictures. We've had a busy several days but we've had a lot of fun too.

A lot of older women that I look up to have a signature recipe that they are known for. It's my Mamaw Novis's fried apple pies, Mamaw Carolyn's Orange Juice Cake, Grandmomma's Fried Chicken, etc. I feel like I am starting to be known for my homemade peach ice cream. And that's super flattering for a girl who isn't the best cook in the world. I have been making some every summer for probably five years now. I make a batch every 4th of July for one of our gatherings.
 We needed fresh peaches so we went to Jackson's Orchard one afternoon to get some of the very best.

We usually just go to the orchard in the fall for the pumpkin festival but it was fun in the summertime too. We swung on the swings, drank apple ciders and shopped the little produce store.

We bought half a bushel of seconds for $9.50 and it was more than enough for two batches of ice cream and a cobbler. We had peaches coming out of our ears!

On Friday my sister was still pregnant so we went shopping to try to walk him out. Georgia thinks it's not a trip to the mall until she's rode the carousel so we did.

I should also note that we took Jack on his first AND last shopping trip. My mom's face says it all!

I've had a lot of people reach out to me about this picture after I posted it on Facebook and Instagram for its "realness". As beautiful and blessed as my life is, these are the witching moments that can still your joy if you take them too seriously. I try to take them in stride and whisper to myself, "it's just a phase". He will behave in a department store someday. He will decide wilting like a flower and putting his head on the ground when he doesn't get his way isn't appropriate. There are growing pains in parenting but so much joy in knowing it's just a season.

Saturday night we attended our county fair to let Georgia Grace enjoy some good ol' carnival rides. Her sweet friend Eliza rode rides with her and that made her day!

I hadn't rode a ferris wheel in probably a decade and had forgot how much fun it is. There was a storm brewing in the distance but we escaped with just a few sprinkles here and there.

We put on our patriotic Sunday best and headed out to church. I am so proud of these all-American babies. They are my American dream come true.

We attended two cookouts Sunday to celebrate Independence Day. We had some hot, sticky, American fun!

Our cousins Scott and Heather had a bunch of water play areas set up for the kids to keep them entertained while the adults talked. My two had a ball.

We went to Thunder Over Grancer next and had a good time as always but I failed to get any pictures.

It always seems to rain on the fourth of July, or at least it has in the past several years. We waited the storm out and then headed to my mom's pool. No way we were spending Independence Day cooped up inside.

The storm passed through and it turned into a beautiful, summer night. We went back to the Catfish Festival to see my Papaw accept his $500 prize for catching a tagged fish in the fishing tournament (we were actually late and missed it but congratulated him afterward!) and watch the firework show which was so impressive. I was equally impressed the babies sat together and watched them in amazement.

The smalltown life gets a bad rap sometimes. And there are some inconveniences that frustrate me. But I'm proud I was born and raised in a smalltown in the U.S.A. I think it makes you humble and grateful, not to mention the safety I feel living here.

Tuesday we went to watch the minor league Hot Rods game in Bowling Green. It was their first real baseball game and we got the whole experience. Dollar dogs for supper, an appearance on the big screen and winning best dancing fan (Georgia) and playing in the kids play park area. We left no stone unturned.

The first picture was misleading, THIS is a better representation of how the baseball game went. He rioted when we wouldn't allow him to roam all over the stadium. And when he couldn't hold his own hotdog. We've met our match.

That's all for now. Working on a nephew post with lots of sweet pictures that will make you fall in love with him just like I have!

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