Thursday, June 30, 2016

On The Mend

This week hasn't been my favorite week of the summer for us. We've had a sick boy and that just effects all of us. I mentioned in my last post about his fever and ear infection. He now has had a few rounds of vomiting and several rounds of diarrhea. I've been so worried about his hydration. He LOVES milk and I knew restricting it would be a challenge.

But he's doing ok with less milk and his diarrhea has improved. He's still not back to normal but today he is doing much better. He's cutting molars on top of everything so it's just been a frustrating week for him. I'm ready to have my rowdy boy back!

Sister has had a good week. She's enjoyed her days at home with Daddy and went to play with friends yesterday. She has probably been in a swimsuit everyday this summer, she thinks a swimming session must happen every day :) Even though it's summer and we are more laxed on bedtime and naps, she has still enjoyed napping on Daddy.

He has some of his color and energy back. He wants to be outside as much as possible. He gets that from his mama.

Georgia had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. No cavities and good brushing for the win! Her dentist said her teeth look great and to keep up the good work.

She was a big girl and was the best patient they had all day :)

I'm looking forward to a fun, long weekend celebrating the Fourth. Our county fair is this weekend so I'm sure we will go a few nights for carnival rides, funnel cakes and square dancing. The heart of summer is my favorite.

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