Monday, June 20, 2016

Orange Beach-June 2016

My goal for the next few weeks is to get my blog caught up and to create a blogging schedule that I can stick with so I'm posting more regularly like the good ol' days. My blog has been invaluable to me over the years and I don't want to stop documenting our life because life gets in the way.

Just the other day my sister who is expecting her first baby any day now asked me about some of my specific measurements late in my pregnancies. I pulled up my blog, searched a few key words and voila, I had exact information for her. There's no way I could remember those little details and I know myself well enough to know if I did remember to write them down, I wouldn't remember where I wrote it.

I want to make my blog a priority again so my kids have a little time capsule they can have with them anytime and anywhere. This is a gift to them that I hope they will value someday. I know how much I value it and that will only increase as the years pass.

We are back from a week at the beach. If you haven't noticed, we love to travel. With kids in tow. I know some people think your life of traveling has to stop or traveling can only happen by leaving the kids behind but we feel quite the opposite. We want to take our kids with us (when it's going to be enjoyable for them) and want them to see the world right along with us.

Since Jack was born, we have been driving through the night on our long trips so the babies can sleep the whole way. I know right now a 9 hour car ride would be more than Jack (and us for that matter!) could take. Marcus and I would rather give up some sleep than have miserable kids and extra stress. When we arrived at the beach that morning we had a little time before check-in so we did a little outlet shopping.

Georgia Grace found a mannequin friend. She walked right up to her and held her hand like they were long lost pals :)

We then decided to knock out our traditional trip for groceries while we waited for our condo to be cleaned. Big boy Jack sat on sister's hand and it really hurt her feelings. This is such a rare occurrence y'all. She probably only cried 2-3 times the whole trip! Her brother on the other hand...;)

We settled into our resort and headed straight for the beach. I couldn't hold this girl back any longer.

It was just sis and me so I told her we were going to wait to swim in the ocean tomorrow. She then filled up her bucket with water and dipped her head in it. Improvising at its finest!

We were exhausted from traveling through the night so we stayed in and ate in our condo that night.

The next morning we were up early ready to go.

Our trick to happy babies at the beach is a kiddie pool. We have done this since Georgia's first beach trip when she was eight months old. We stick it under an umbrella and they stay cool, shaded and happy. It is a lifesaver.

The resort we stay at is an older complex that was built before beach front property was at such a premium price so there are lots of green spaces that you don't find at the new high rise resorts. We stayed at this resort in October and came back because we loved it so much.

Sittin' on the beach with my sweet Georgia peach

My grandparents came to the beach too. They hadn't been in several years and I was so glad they were able to come.

Heading back to the beach after some lunch and rest in the condo. Jack would go out in the mornings and nap in the afternoons. The days Georgia didn't nap we had some one-on-one time with her and I loved every minute of it.

She loved playing in the ocean the most. She started doing cheerleading stunts with my dad.

Cleaned up and ready to go eat. Half of the fun of vacation for us is trying out different restaurants and visiting some of our favorites. We don't eat out much so that makes it even more special.

We went to Sea n' Suds the first night which is a family favorite. The restaurant is situated on the beach so you have an incredible view while you dine.

Jack has a new nickname-Linus. He takes a blanket with him everywhere he goes. Unfortunately for us this thick wool blanket was the blanket of choice this week ha!

The babes last fall at the same restaurant (October 2015)

Lots of change and growth in eight short months

She was the happiest girl for a week at the beach.

The view from Sea n' Suds

The view from our balcony. It really was picturesque. You get a good idea of the green spaces I mentioned earlier in this picture.

My Dad has an annual tradition of building a sand turtle on beach trips. That tradition had to continue with the grandbabies. They were proud as punch!

The sand turtle builders, except Jack. He probably hindered more than helped but made the picture anyway :)

Sand statue Jack. We cracked up at how he packed his bottle around all week and would toss it in the sand when he was finished.

My papaw will be 78 in August and still enjoys snorkeling for sand dollars at the beach.

More pool time. Georgia Grace enjoyed the pool just as much as Jack. The best $8 I spent on our trip.

We ate at another favorite of ours, Tacky Jack's. You can't beat the seafood choices in the Orange Beach/Perdido Key area.  

I wanted to document how the conclusion of a meal with Jack looks. He is the messiest eater of all time. I try to clean up after him but I feel really sorry for the bus boy that is assigned to our tables!

After many "she" and "her" comments, we put him in a shirt with his name on it. If they only knew him like we do they would know he is all BOY :)

Just sittin' on the dock of the bay

Popsicles on the balcony before bedtime to put an end to another fun beach day. His goal for the week was to stay sticky and/or sandy the entire time :)

A recap of the rest of the week coming tomorrow. And just to hold myself accountable, here my blog plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday-rest of beach trip
Thursday-photo dump/daily catch up post
Friday-Georgia at 3 1/2

Happy Monday friends!

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