Thursday, June 2, 2016

Baseball and Proud Little Americans

Summer is in full swing around here. We've already hit up the Sno Shack a couple times, attended some baseball games and took a dip in Gammy's pool. It's been a good start to a much needed break from the school year.

The girls of summer. I use to think fall was my favorite season (although I do love it very much) but I've learned summer is where it's at. I think having kids changed my way of thinking. Summer just allows so many more options for recreation and my babies LOVE being outside. We are a warm weather lovin' family.

One of the baseball games we attended was the 12th district championship game where Butler County took home the title! Georgia Grace completely melts around high school boys. Gage and Blake were so sweet to offer to take a picture with her and she just could not handle it. Bless her!

She did oblige to a solo picture with the trophy :)

And then she judged me super hard for my loud cheering. This was taken by our local online newspaper and I just cracked up when I saw it!

Memorial Day was spent at the pool to officially kick off pool season. This was baby Bo's first swim. And Eric's hand on Paige's shoulder kind of looks like Georgia's. Funny! 

Twelve years ago, I set the school record for the 800 meter dash and Saturday one of my favorite girls broke it at the state meet in Lexington. If I had to fall, I couldn't think of a better person to fall to. I'm so proud of Hannah. I recruited her for cross country when she was in middle school and I knew she was destined for greatness.

She called me first thing to tell me the news and I'm so glad her sweet mama snapped this picture. We have a special bond since I was her first coach and introduced her to the running world. Way to go, Hannah banana!

We put on our patriotic gear and celebrated Memorial Day the right way with lots of playing outside and good food.

This was the moment he realized Daddy was driving over to let him ride on the mower with him. He will always be a mama's boy but I feel like he will turn into daddy's little sidekick this summer.

And she is a daddy's girl but she speaks her mama's language with her love for makeup, pretty clothes and accessories. She is the perfect balance.

Pure bliss during the ride and a meltdown when it was over for Jack.

Happy babies!

Things are about to start getting crazy with VBS next week, a beach trip and a trip to Cincinnati all to look forward to in June. We better enjoy the lazy days of summer while we can.

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