Sunday, June 26, 2016

Slow and Steady

After some busy weeks of VBS and our beach trip, we were ready for a slow down and we got it this weekend. I was craving just being at home, playing in the yard, sleeping in (7-8a) and not having anywhere to be. It was the best! I will admit I caught myself saying that all I did this weekend was prep a meal, serve/feed a meal, clean a meal, repeat. I wouldn't have it any other way though.

This describes our weekend nicely. Lots of crazy, happy, noise and rides in toy vehicles. They are loud and proud.

Mamaw Carolyn (Georgia Grace's great-grandmother) found her old snickerdoodle recipe that she used to bake with my sister and me when I was little so a baking date was scheduled. She was SO excited for this! She hoped every day last week that it was her day to go to Mamaw's house to bake cookies! P.S. Prissy pose all courtesy of GGH :)

We celebrated Aunt Paige's birthday last week and yes, we are still waiting on Baby Bo. She has progressed beautifully but he's hanging tight and as impatient as we are we're even more fine that he is staying put and growing. It won't be long now!

My sister sells Younique beauty products and creates videos of how to use the products. Georgia loves watching them and pretends to make them at home. The other day she was giving my sister-in-law a "makeover" and told her she had this special cream and "it is the best thing you've ever put on your face!". I think she could sell ice to an eskimo. Anyway, she was featured in one of Aunt Paige's videos! She loved doing it and it was the cutest. I see more makeup videos in the future.

Our sweet neighbor friend Evan played with us this weekend! We can walk back and forth between our yards to visit her and she is a BIG help to me when she comes over to play. Georgia thinks Evan is the coolest because she goes to big school and I think Jack has his first crush  :)

Y'all you're doing it wrong if you don't eat your ice cream outside with a hose spray down afterward. I think this boy had five baths this weekend.

Thursday night he had a super high fever, 103.2, so I called to get an appointment with his pediatrician the next morning. He had a left ear infection from getting his ear wet while swimming and his throat was a little red. He never developed a rash so we were able to rule out Hand Foot and Mouth disease thankfully. He gets ear drops twice a day and hasn't had a fever since Friday morning. We're so thankful he is feeling better! A sick baby is just the very worst.

Even though we stayed home for most of the weekend, we didn't let the grass grow beneath us (literally). Marcus worked all day in the yard on Saturday. We love our 2+ acres and 50 oak trees but it keeps us busy keeping everything up. My previous days of working out have been replaced with picking up sticks in the yard, pulling weeds, climbing 15 stairs 832 times a day and chasing babies all over the said 2+ acres. The fruits of our labor makes it all worthwhile.

It's mind blowing to me that we are halfway through 2016. The days are long but the years are short. We've got an exciting week coming up as we start our Fourth celebrations and continue to wait for my sweet nephew. These longest days of the year are also my favorite days.

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