Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Orange Beach-June 2016 continued

I'm finishing up posting about our beach trip today. It really was a great week for us. Jack had some sleeping issues but besides that everything went really smoothly. We know this beach town pretty well now so we can navigate it easily and it feels like our home away from home. Simply said, the beach is our happy place.

My beach babies. We kept them shaded and wearing a hat as much as we could for sun protection.

Enjoying a peach on the beach. She loved the beachy afternoons that were all about her!

I just knew he would not like wearing sunglasses but surprisingly he did! The smallest pair of wayfarers ever on the cutest baby boy.

Checking out the hot babes walking by.

Daddy and Georgia headed to the pool for an afternoon swim

Sister loved swimming in the resort pool too. She gets more and more comfortable in the water every time we swim.

Daddy bought brother a new hat but she got to wear it swimming. She looks like such a big girl wearing it. She's my beauty no matter what she wears.

Dressed in our beach best for supper

Posed pictures are so boring according to this girl. I have to agree!

No way she was getting through childhood without matching her mama at least once. A bonus-she thinks it's cool! :)

It's not a trip to south Alabama without eating at Lambert's. My family had never eaten there which is just un-American so we had to change that.

The kids enjoyed the outside play area while we waited for our table. The food was AMAZING (I always get the fried chicken). It's worth the wait!

After supper we shopped a few more stores at the outlet that we didn't get to earlier in the week. We were hot mess U.S.A. with no stroller and two wild Indians (one with a poopy diaper hence the fitting room location).

Wednesday morning we woke up to the heartbreaking news coming from the Grand Floridian Resort. We were just there in April and I can't grasp the grief this family is experiencing. Prayers for this Nebraska family for such an unfortunate, isolated tragedy.

We had our first rainy day of the trip. We spent the morning in our condo sleeping in and having a slow start to the day but by lunch time we were ready to break out. It was still raining but not enough to deter us.

The babies didn't seem to mind the rain one bit.

It actually made the sand a perfect consistency for sand castles. He was working hard on destroying the castles that Poppa built.

Just making the most of a rainy day at the beach

Two great dads playing with the babes and ignoring the fight over the shovel HA!

The boys building a sand castle land.

The rain moved out and it turned into a beautiful evening. We ate supper at The Hangout. It was our first time there and it was such a fun place. Georgia took a late nap and wasn't feeling it but Jack boy was.

But she was feeling it for a picture with the mermaid!

The live band played a Purple Rain tribute as we were leaving. It's one of those places you could go and stay all evening and be entertained the entire time.

Before we knew it we were spending our last day on the beach. The forecast was another rainy day like the day before but we lucked out and it was a picture perfect day!

She still lets me put her in bonnets on the beach so I'm riding that out as long as I can.

I think Jack still has sand in miscellaneous places.

Working hard on watering all the sand :)

Just a summertime strollin'
I wish I could bottle up this moment forever.

On our last night in town we headed to The Gulf for supper. There's lots of space for the babes to run around and be crazy kids.

Jack tried to go with every family there. He has never met a stranger.

When we got home, someone asked her what her favorite part of the trip was and she said the ice cream. It just goes to show you that it's the little things that have the biggest impact. All this girl needs is a scoop of cotton candy ice cream :)
Cheers to matching ice cream cones!

Georgia loves swimming so on our last night Connor took her for a night swim. It lasted about five minutes since the pool had closed for lightning strikes in the distant that we weren't aware of. The security guard graciously gave us a pass and didn't evict us :)

Marcus and I took turns driving through the night and we made it home in 8 hours. I know that's not an ideal arrangement for most people but with two babies, it works best for us. They both slept the whole way home and we still had a full weekend to look forward to when we got home.

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