Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Sister's Baby Shower

Saturday we threw a baby shower for my sister. The shower was at our church which was the church my sister grew up in. It was so nice for her to be able to come back home and see friends and family that love her. Paige has the biggest heart of anyone and has the ability to make everyone feel like they are important and valued.

With everyone's busy schedules and Bo due to make his arrival in about five weeks, Memorial Day Weekend was the only time we could have the shower. There was still a great turnout despite some people being out of town or at the lake.

My sister is a go with the flow type of person and she left all the shower preparation to us. I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to theme it but I saw these pastel plaid tablecloths at my Mom's house and I thought it would make a beautiful backdrop.

I took some of Jack's baby pieces and hung them for a little boy touch.

And of course, hydrangeas. I don't know if I've thrown a spring/summer party without them!

We kept it simple and just did cake, fruit, nuts, coffee and punch.

Gina Howard made the beautiful sheet cake that said, "Baby Bo".

I did this at another shower and thought it was genius. I think this would be super encouraging for a mom with a newborn to see in the witching hour when all you want to do is sleep. Some were uplifting, some were sweet and some were just hilarious. Either way it will put a smile on her face.

My beautiful mom-to-be sister! Her pregnancy has went so well and we are five weeks away from meeting my nephew.  

Five weeks give or take, I'm calling a Fourth of July baby! Both of my babies are born close to holidays so it's only fitting for Paige to carry on the tradition.

It brought make memories of our shower when I was expecting Georgia Grace nearly four years ago. Looking back I can't believe I made my shower dress, I barely have time to buy a dress these days. Full hands but a full heart :)

Daddy came to the shower too. Eric grew up in Corbin and traditionally in that area men do not attend showers, not even their own but dads-to-be do here so he agreed to come. Marcus thinks we should adopt the Corbin tradition ha!

The babies came and Georgia was a big help with the gift opening and Jack was super tired so he napped through most of it.

My beautiful mom who looks more like a sister and gets mistaken for one often.

I love this of my mamaw, sister and mom <3

My sweet mama

My favorite picture from the shower :)  This girl loves her watermelon, especially when she's eight months pregnant.

It was a wonderful shower celebrating Eric, Paige and Bo. They told the story of how they chose their baby name (Boaz Bailey Salmons). Ruth 4:21 states "And Salmon begat Boaz..." and that is the only time Boaz is mentioned in the Bible. I think it is perfect!

Thanks to our family and friends that came and showered them with so much love. Eric and Paige are in the process of becoming foreign missionaries and we do not know how much longer we will have them here in the states with us so every event with them I am cherishing. They feel like God is calling them to the Asian region and once they are overseas they plan to make the area their home. Life will never be the same once they move but they are fulfilling His prophecy and living life with no boundaries. They will be His hands and feet and I am so proud of their obedience. The day they leave I will probably cry a hundred buckets of tears but in my heart I know this is God's will for their lives and we should support that wholeheartedly.

And you can bet I will be hopping on a plane over there every chance I can get :)

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