Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Slice Of Life

Life is busy right now. Our schedules stay busy and the babies enjoy going and doing so we have plans everyday. I'm looking forward to a few days at the end of June to just be home and enjoy home. I want to play teeball in the yard, catch lightning bugs and make homemade ice cream. Those days are the best summer days!

Pool days are here and we are excited. Georgia thinks we must swim everyday. Jack enjoys a little swimming and a lot of climbing in and out of the pool to throw miscellaneous items in the pool. Shoes, socks, toys, kitchen utensils, nothing is safe around him!

We've went to support our cousin Keagen at a few of his Cal Ripkin league games. He's having a great season and should start all-stars in a few weeks. We love watching him play.

Friday night we went out to eat at a new restaurant called Steamer. We ate at the Steamer restaurant in Hilton Head when my brother worked there when he was in college so we were excited to hear one was coming to our area. Jack had his first lemon and isn't sold yet. It's an acquired taste, son.

Saturday night we had a small cookout and these three had a blast playing and just being wild little hooligans. Jack is starting to feel like he's big enough to "play" with other kids. My baby is growing up.

None of them wanted to take a picture but they all did because they love mama.

Baby boys in bubbles pull on my heart strings. This stage is short so I'm enjoying it while I can. He has the rest of his life to dress like a boy. Right now, I'm dressing him like a baby :)

Jack has a nickname-Linus. He loves blankets and wants one with him at all times. It's his comfort. Right now he doesn't have a certain favorite, we will see if that changes.

It's VBS week and I'm serving in the nursery with the sweetest babies. Jack is reluctantly sharing his mom with the others. Georgia Grace is in the preschool-3 class and had a great first day after some coaxing and afternoon swimming promises. We've talked about how this is something that would make Jesus happy for us to do. I hope the rest of the week is positive for her.

Sister loves the dancing and singing. She's been singing the songs at home.

She has the most wonderful teachers that love her and nurture her. She's in the best hands!

A little swimming after VBS and an early bedtime was in order. We are pooped and it's only Tuesday :)

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