Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Photo Dump

It's been a while since I've done a photo dump on the blog. I'm ready to get things organized and pictures arranged before the chaos of school starting back arrives. So here we go!

Georgia and Ma enjoying some Mexican food during their slumber party!

I can't complain, my summer work schedule is relaxed and there's plenty of time for vacations but I do have to go in the office some while Daddy and the babes are at home which is hard. We facetime everyday that I go into work and it makes me so happy! They show me what they're eating, what they're playing with and show me new dance moves. It's the best part of the day.

I tried to wrangle these two at our friend Lola's birthday pool party by myself one evening. Georgia & Jack-1, Mommy-0.

My brother had a wedding in Ohio last weekend so since he was a little closer to home he came down and brought her girlfriend, Mara. She is a sweetheart and we all approved! He was so sweet and brought gifts to his niece and two nephews, just because. We wish we could see him more and I would love to make a trip up to the Big Apple to see him soon.

15 month checkup last week: 50th percentile weight (23#), 96th percentile height and 95th percentile head. Healthy and growing. And I've said it once but I'll say it again, he is going to use his massive noggin to do big, important things someday! Also, he does new things like what's pictured above everyday that amazes me. The second child definitely has the benefit of learning from the first.

Georgia has had a head full of hair since the day she was born and she's had a few trims in her life but never a hair cut. After lots of time thinking and debating, we finally decided it was time for a new 'do.

Georgia's new 'do! She loves it and we love it too. Daddy was hesitant to cut it so we didn't take off too much this time, a cute bob might be in our future but we will just have to see how it goes. But no matter her hair length Mommy thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world! Thank you to our dear friend Cindy for squeezing her in and making her feel so comfortable and loved!

We're three months behind but better late than never right? I think so. We don't take professional pictures very often but I feel like the age milestones are a must.

Pool day aka swim for an hour and then tear Gammy's house down the rest of the time :) Right after I took this picture they got tangled up from having their arms around each other for the picture and Jack fell and hit his head. The poor boy hits his head on a daily basis. I knew raising a boy would be different but I wasn't prepared for all the injuries!!

Marcus was cleaning out our detached garage and keeps bringing in odds and ends we have forgotten about. Six years of marriage (+ seven years of dating) makes for a lot of "stuff". He taped up this blown up engagement picture to the back of our laundry room door that we used at our wedding. I have no idea what we will do with it but I'm enjoying the view of our younger and better rested selves!

The best big cousins in the whole wide world. Georgia loved holding him and Jack would play for about 10 minutes then run back over to kiss him on the head 2-3 times. It completely melted my mama heart.

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