Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dance Recital 2017

This past weekend we watched Georgia perform in her second dance recital. Our girl loves dancing and she had a great year at her new dance class. She was in "Dance School" this year which is a one-hour class of 4-6 year olds that teaches ballet and tap. Last year the recital was her favorite part of the experience and she was equally just as excited this year.

Our baby girl ready to perform! The recital was at VanMeter Hall at WKU so I snapped a few pictures of her in the foyer. This picture just takes my breath away. I know she's mine but her beauty just amazes me!

She loved her costume! I'm sure it will find it's way in our dress-up closet.


The girls hung out backstage with the assigned dance mom until it was their time to dance.

She made new friends this year and loved her teacher Mrs. Ginny.

Brother probably has several more dance recitals to sit through in his future but he took it all in stride and was a good boy. Right after her group danced he said out loud, "Good job Georgia. Go outside" HA! He came, he saw, he was done :)

Bo Bo came! Cousin picture fail but still love it.

Jack was not having a family picture so we settled for the three of us. Very proud parents!

Daddy's girl to the max

But she sure loves her mama and would do anything for her! If I am ever upset, you better believe she is going to let somebody know about it :)

Gammy & Gran Stan

Pa and Ma

Poppa and Deenie

Granddad and Grandmomma

Mamaw Carolyn 

Aunt Paige, Uncle Eric and Bo

Aunt Shannie and Uncle Jake

Dance is over for the summer but I'm sure she will want to take it again in the fall. She has mentioned wanting to take a hip-hop class after watching the other dances at the recital. We will do whatever she wants to do. We may even give tee ball a try in the fall :) 

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