Friday, May 26, 2017

Photo Drop

I've been a blog slacker lately. It's time to do a photo dump. I knew blogging would look different for me as my kids grew and our lives got busier but I hope I can always find time to chronicle their childhood in some form or fashion. Here's what the past few weeks have looked like in pictures-

Rowdy but sweet. Mischievous but loving. A limit tester but so appreciative of things that are done for him. I love my boy.

I had an afternoon training one evening and daddy took the kids to our friend's baseball game in Rochester. Their park has just been restored and the kids had a blast watching and playing.

Georgia received her diploma from OWL Academy last Friday. This was a program at North Butler Elementary sponsored by the Family Resource Center that she attended every other Friday. She made new friends and experienced a true school environment. I'm so thankful for this opportunity for her!

Some of the friends that she made in her class. They are precious!

We are in the throes of potty training Jack and things are going very well! On this particular day he was dry all day and even pooped in the potty once! He had just peed in the yard, then five minutes later he climbed up in the playhouse, pooped and then slid down. You can see the trail he left and the flies already starting to swarm LOL! It was a mess! I gave Jack a bath and Daddy sprayed down the playhouse. There's never a dull moment.

We celebrated Granddad's 75th birthday at Monday night dinner. He had two helpers to blow out the candles and will have three next year after my nephew arrives this summer!

Georgia and Jack love to go to the farm to help Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna. Shanna snapped this picture of the boys and it just melted my heart. He loves his Uncle Jake so much! Jake has already claimed him as his future farm hand once he gets a little bigger :)

"they take me to the beach". Future husband-you know the way to this girl's heart!

4 1/2 has seemed like such a big age to me. She's dressing herself, talking about cute boys, taking showers and she has even gotten up on her own a few times and come downstairs by herself which is huge for Georgia! She's growing up so fast right before our eyes and I just want a pause button most days.

Sunday we went to Callyn's birthday party that happened to be a fishing party. We didn't do a whole lot of fishing but we did get a few casts in.

Callyn is such a sweet mother hen to Jack.

Best friends through AKK, I'm already sad that these girls will be starting kindergarten next year and leaving Georgia behind but I know she has other friends and will happy to be the oldest preschooler :)

Baby brother worked the crowd and did a little bit of everything at the party.

This was the closest he would get to the girls for a picture HA!

I bet he will love fishing one day once he learns a little patience :)

Haircut time. These appointments roll around pretty often for this boy. This was his first time sitting in the chair all by himself.

It's officially summer break and this girl is hanging on the monkey bars in her gown!

We went to her last dance class of the season and she's transitioned to a big girl booster seat. I love our Tuesday girls nights!

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