Monday, January 13, 2014

Basketball, Boys' Trip, & Beanie Babies

We had a pretty calm and normal weekend around here. Temperatures finally rose to a comfortable level so we were ready to get out of the house. Even though we work, I think we still get cabin fever and a touch of seasonal depression when we don't get out and do stuff. So that's what we did this weekend!

Friday afternoon while I was fixing dinner unwrapping Subway sandwiches, I offered GGH some water out of a straw sippy and she started sucking from the straw like she had been using one for months! I couldn't believe it. It was like turning a light switch on. I was so proud of her! She continued to use one all weekend and we highly praised her every time she took a drink. We are still using the bottle but this is a big step for us. Yay for positive changes!

Friday night we went to the high school basketball game and sat with our friends James and Ashley. This was our first game of the season and obviously Georgia Grace had a big time. She is currently waving and saying "Hiddy" to everyone. Our friend Gary says she should run for political office ha!

I bought her a blue cheerleader smocked dress that I couldn't wait for her to wear. After a little hemming (is it just me or are all smocked dresses super long?), she was ready to go.

She thinks the Bears are #1!
The boys won Friday night so it's always nice to see a win. They beat their district rival which is also the team from the town where I work so I cheered for everyone :)

Saturday Marcus took our cousins and Brennan's friend Will for our Christmas gift of experience to the Predators game. It was all three boy's first hockey game and they loved it. And I think the husband enjoyed the night with the boys just as much. 

Georgia Grace and I went to mom's to watch the UK game. Actually we both napped through the game. It was a rough week that called for extra rest on the weekend. I'm not really a napper so that should tell you a lot.

That night we went to my dad's to watch the playoff games and...
to try to strike it rich!

Social media has been rampant with reports of folks earning lots of mullah from their beanie babies. We have just a few (actually pictured is only about 2/3's) so we went through them to see if any of them were worth the big bucks.

And we have two of the most sought after bears-Princess Diana bear and the tie-dye peace bear. After looking on eBay though we saw a lot of top dollar Buy It Now prices and but didn't see any big bids so it looks like just a lot of hype.

I already had our dream home built and paid for :) Guess we will hold on to them. It was fun seeing each one of them and remembering when we got them. They were a HUGE part of our childhood.

We had a pictureless Sunday. Church, mamaw's for lunch, home. Very basic and it gave me time to get things ready for our big week ahead. I'm thankful for a weekend of rest and fun! 


  1. Yay for drinking from the straw! What a big girl! Love her cheerleader dress. I agree, smocked dresses do tend to be very long. Kennedy gets tripped up on them sometimes but I still buy them anyway. I absolutely love them!

    1. It was so encouraging, I was so proud of her! Glad to hear you feel the same way. Hasn't stopped me either ;)