Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Our day started bright and early with a 6:15am arrival time for surgery. I cringed when they called and told me how early we had to be there thinking about having to keep her NPO all morning. They assured me they had dealt with many mad and hungry babies. I assured them we would be one of those babies ha!
Sweet girl received a tiny hospital bracelet and they let her stay in her jammies for the surgery which made me happy. She was much more comfortable in those than she would have been in a hospital gown.

You can't pull anything past this child. She started putting it all together when we got there and was a little nervous and upset during the pre-op. She found comfort snuggling up to mommy and with the sock monkey pictured. And let's just talk about the adorable sock monkey for a second. My hospital gives all their surgical pediatric patients a handmade sock monkey that the hospital volunteers sew. The cutest and perfect treat for the mini patients.
She was trying to diagnose what was wrong with the lady behind the next curtain over. We tried to keep her distracted to prevent too many "ba-ba" requests and it worked. She asked for it probably 4-5 times but was ok when we didn't give it to her.

Before I knew it they were coming back to get her to take her to the OR. I couldn't help but shed a few tears as they carried her down the hall. She was fine, I was not.
She was gone from me less than 10 minutes. The surgery went great. Dr. Knox said she did beautifully and that she should be back to normal before we even left the hospital.
What a relief to hear those words.

I had heard from other moms that it is common for babies to wake up hysterical so I went in expecting the worse. To my surprise she never shed a tear. She squirmed in my arms until she was all the way awake and then she asked for her "ba-ba" ha! The girl was wanting some breakfast. They brought her some fruit loops also so she gorged herself :).

They told her she was their favorite patient all day so that called for a #1 sign.

This picture sums up our whole day. We had a wonderful experience and I can't say enough good things about the ENT services and surgical team at TLRMC. The best of the best! Sometimes smaller is better. Hopefully we won't have anymore surgeries in the future but if we do we won't change a thing.
We are home now and she is taking a long nap. She has played, ate and wrestled with Owen. I think things are back to normal :)
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers today. We definitely felt them. God is good!


  1. LOVE you all <3 So happy the surgery went well and that Georgia Grace came through like such a big girl! What a nerve racking experience I'm sure it was, but God was with you all today :) Lots of rest for you girls today. Hugs and luvs, Darcy and Emery

    1. I'm so glad to have it behind us! As minor as it is, it's major when it's your baby. Thanks again for the sweet sweet gift. You have the biggest heart!
      Love you and sweet Emery!