Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Out With The Old & It's Cold

I'm coming to you from my comfy recliner tonight with our fireplace blazing and the central heat working equally hard because it is a degree outside. One. 1 degree! With a wind chill of -15. When did I become a northerner?!

It is seriously colder here than it was a week ago when we were in the Rocky Mountains. And I must add that Kentucky cold is a "wet cold" versus the "dry cold" out west so even if the temperatures are the same it's going to feel colder in Kentucky (this is just me talking here).

School is out today and tomorrow. No snow on the ground to speak of but the freezing temperatures and wind chill caused the closures. The hubby still hasn't worked a day of 2014 and is relishing in his snow days with Georgia Grace.

I'm back tracking just a little to New Years since I've been consumed with getting our JH trip documented. I spent New Years day eating my Mamaw Carolyn's famous Hoppin' John for my black eyed peas and cabbage fix, started reading one of my Christmas gifts Love Does by Bob Goff (reading one story a night and could read it all at once if bedtime didn't interfere), and snuggling with my favorite goldendoodle who we missed last week.

I didn't make any resolutions this year. I do plan to be more intentional with my time with Jesus, my husband, and my baby. I've had to take a hard look at how my time is being spent and I've already made small changes such as doing a nightly "Jesus" reading, and only using social media when GGH is asleep or playing with daddy. 

Friday night was the first time Georgia Grace stayed at my mom's all by herself. Such a big girl! She kept them entertained the whole time I do believe. Their summarization of the slumber party was "She is so sweet but she hates baths" HA! Yes, she does. Just a phase, right?!? 

 So what did I do while I had the whole house (Marcus was hunting) to myself? Cleaned, of course. Our house had been neglected the past few weeks following the holidays and vacation so it was time to show it some affection again. And it's been confirmed that cleaning to Pandora makes it much more enjoyable.

Part of the cleaning process involved finding homes for new toys and parting ways with old pieces. So it was out with the rocker and in with Georgia Grace's kitchen and table! We have a rocker in our living room that we were using 90% of the time (we still rock her to sleep every night) so we knew this would be a better use of space since we did have another.
Some of you have asked where I got these pieces. The table came from here and the kitchen from here. Both are KidKraft brand-one of my favorites.

I already miss the rocker but it's close by in storage just ready and waiting to be used again someday :)

Her nursery is transforming from baby to little girl. Somebody hold me.

With the new onslaught of toys taking over the Harrison house, we pulled out Marcus' childhood toy box. This toy box was built by his granddad and it's the best toy box I've ever seen. Long, deep, and the lid can be propped open to prevent smashed fingers. It's so big that all of her toys fit! This probably makes me happier than it should. I need clean lines and lack of clutter in my life.

Stay warm, friends! Today has further confirmed that I'm a southern girl.


  1. It is about 10 at my house but that is wayyyy too cold for me! Me and the pup are under two blankets with the couch pulled up to the fireplace lol!

    1. We are actually -2 at the moment. Brrrr! Don't get out unless you have to, play the pregnancy card ha! ;)