Friday, January 17, 2014

Five On Friday

Is it just me or has this felt like a super duper long week?

It's probably just me considering the eventful week we have had. I feel like we are limping across the finish line to Friday.

I think I jinxed this week when I sat down and planned out our meals. It seems like everytime I do that our schedule gets turned upside down and I don't get a chance to cook one time. I loathe changes in schedule. It's probably my biggest pet peeve.

So the question is could this be a sign for me to stay out of the kitchen? Maybe so :)

Sweet girl is doing so well. There's nothing much to report because she seems really normal. No drainage and lots of energy. I think she drug out every toy she owns last night and played hard. But Owen was her favorite toy of course. He puts up with a lot, such a good dog.

This was the text I received from Marcus after getting the news he has Type A flu. He went to the doctor yesterday after being sick since Tuesday. He has felt down right horrible. He has stayed with grandmomma two nights this week so I've been doing the single mom thing quite a bit. Don't like it one bit. We both really miss him. The good news is there is no school Monday (Update-and no school today, another snow day! Beautiful timing) so he will get an extra day to rest and recover. I'm praying he gets well and GGH and I can avoid the plague. I think I've finally talked him into getting vaccinated though...

I love when people love my daughter and she has been loved well through her procedure. We have received several phone calls, texts, messages, prayers, a sweet book from our pastor and of course, food. I was so thankful for all of these things.

And then I checked the mail on Wednesday and found a package from Darcy. It was a get well box full of things to help Georgia Grace make a full recovery and a personal note with each item. PJs for comfort, a Minnie straw sippy to practice our new skills, bath letters to hopefully change her feelings toward that particular event and so on. Seriously one of the most thoughtful and intentional gifts I've ever received. So thankful for her friendship and heart of gold!

Marcus received his Masters diploma in the mail last week. And I submitted his application for a school principal program yesterday. I'm blessed with such a smart & ambitious husband.

Poor daddy was quarantined to grandmomma's house so that called for a facetime date. He received tons of "da-das", phone kisses, and big theatrical jabber stories last night. Hopefully this is our last night of separation. It's not "home" without him.

TGIF times a thousand! Is it spring yet?


  1. So glad she's feeling better! Sorry about the sick hubby though! And what a sweet gift! My nephew hated baths too when he was Miss Georgia's age and my SIL found these little tablets in the bath section at Wal Mart that turns their water colors. He has loved baths ever since (as long as he gets to pick the color) maybe she would like those! Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you! Now we're just trying to get him well-shew! Oh love that idea, I will definitely have to try it. It's so strange because she use to love them. Thanks for the tip :) Happy weekend friend!!

  2. Our husbands seem to be a lot alike! They both hunt and Nick is going to school right now for his masters in school administration! I hope Marcus feels better and I am glad GG recovered well from her procedure! :)

    1. Wow how ironic! Sounds like they are both well rounded to me :) Marcus is now pursuing his Rank I to be a school principal. We are all on the mend and praying for healthier days ahead!