Monday, June 23, 2014

A Lovely Weekend

Monday morning again? I don't know why these have to come around so often. This weekend was full of lots of love and memories for me. I watched my best friend become a bride and my little cousin become engaged to her high school sweetheart. Plus I watched my baby grow and learn and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. My love tank is full.

Shira Beth was my very first friend. We started staying together at Nanny's when I was 6 months and she was 3 months. She is in every childhood memory. Teeball, dance, kindergarten shots, talent shows, basketball, track, proms, graduations...and the list goes on. She truly defines a forever friend.

And here she is 26 years later as the bride. The most breathtaking, stunning bride. Absolute perfection from head to toe. Her dress was to die for, she couldn't have picked one that defined her any better. Love her so much!

It was such an honor to stand with her at the altar. The wedding was at her (and my husband's) home church Morgantown First United Methodist. I love sweet southern church weddings and this wedding was all of those things. More pictures to come soon from Julia Christopher who was also my wedding photographer four years ago :)
Right by the church is an old plantation home owned by a previous church member who has passed on. It was such a beautiful backdrop for pictures and I know Jack would have been so proud his house was used on this day.

Driving away (in the Mayor's car!) on their way to Aruba for the week! My heart is so full of happiness for her. She's found her forever and he couldn't be a luckier man to have Shi-Baby.

More pictures from Julia Christopher soon! No doubt they will be phenomenal!

While one couple was sealing the deal another couple was making the commitment. My cousin Payton is engaged!!! This makes me feel so old. She should still be the little girl Paige and I are packing around on our hip. We love them both! She's going to be a Mrs!!

After a pretty formal weekend of rehearsals, dinners and the wedding we spent Sunday night outside in tshirts and shorts enjoying a warm hot summer night. We taught Georgia Grace how to catch lightning bugs. When we could catch one we would show her and she would hold it and normally smoosh it ha! Poor bugs. And Marcus and I realized catching lightning bugs was much easier as a kid. I guess it's decreased night vision?! I don't know but we struggled. I'm sure we just had an extra fast bunch of them, it couldn't be a sign we are getting older... :)

We had gone all day without swimming which just isn't right according to GGH so her and Daddy (and Owie) took a swim at Grandmomma's at about 8:30. There were lots of squeals and laughter in the yard. It was a great conclusion to a great weekend.  


  1. Love the wedding pictures, gorgeous bride! And you look gorgeous yourself, friend!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I will post more when she gets the professional ones back. She was perfection!