Friday, June 27, 2014

Family Beach Pictures 2014

The good ol' blog has taken a backseat this week as we prepared ourselves for our big move. With closing day on our house approaching and family in town to help we have been moving little by little all week. We hope to be finished by this weekend and then we will breathe the biggest sigh of relief ever. How can you accumulate so much stuff in only four years of marriage and in an 895 square foot house? I don't know either but we have. Even though we will be going to a much larger house I still see some purging in the future.

But before we get too far into the future, I have to share our beach pictures. I know y'all have been a nervous wreck wondering when I was going to post them HA! These are part of my family's story so I'm sharing and please be prepared for some picture overload. And tons of cuteness courtesy of a pretty perfect 1 1/2 year old.

I think I have my first pieces of art for the new house. However I have no clue how I will ever pick which ones to use. Maybe I'll just cover every square inch of wall with them :)

Thanks again to Sarah Lyn Photography! Our expectations were exceeded.

I hope your weekend will be much more relaxing and box-less than mine. We have a ton moved already but still have so much to do. And these beach pictures are just making me want to go on vacation instead :) Back to packing, happy Friday friends!

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