Friday, June 13, 2014

Five On Friday

The week following a vacation is always a toughy. We've had a lot on our plate this week so I'm extra glad to see the Friday date (even if it is the 13th). And I'm even more glad it's the weekend because we get to celebrate the dads and we will be do so accordingly on the lake! We can't get enough of the liquid stuff :)

Here is our week recapped into five things-

The week started on a bad foot for my Georgia Grace. We noticed her eyes were red when we were coming home from the beach but associated it to tiredness and sun/water. When they remained red and irritated through the weekend we called her pediatrician to get her seen about. Poor baby has conjunctivitis :(. Treatment is just eye drops and no antibiotics, that's a silver lining. Another silver lining is she was much less anxious this appointment than at her 18 month check-up (vomit on the pediatrician's shoe-remember?) Her eyes are improving, I'm hoping they will be all clear by the weekend!

I posted this on IG and Facebook to see if it was just me or if there is a resemblance between my daughter and the Olsen twins. I think we are all in agreement these two favor! My Mom says all of those episodes of Full House we watched rubbed off on my first born ha! I was (still am) crazy about Full House. Anything Mary-Kate and Ashley really. I belonged to their fan club, bought every VHS and book with their face on it and wanted to go to San Fran just to see the Full House house ha! I don't mind this similarity one bit :)

My charming, dainty daughter has a new frequently used word--"pooie". Pooie equals either a toot or the real thing. She always lets us know when she does something down there and doesn't care who she is around or where we are at when she makes the announcement. She even uses it in past tense- "I pooied". You have to appreciate her expanding vocabulary. Hey at least she owns it!

Our church's VBS has been going on all this week and my Mamaw took Georgia Grace with her today. She must have been a sleepy girl because the two pictures I got from friends she has her eyes closed in both. She had the best time! Somehow she moved up to the 5th grade girls class (bet cousin Payton has something to do with that...) and already knows the dance to the theme song. VBS is the best!

Tonight we are meeting with our architect for our first set of revisions to our house plan. We hope to have the plans finished and finalized by the end of this month if all goes as planned. I've been looking at interest rates (hello--so low!!) and making financial plans this week in preparation for our much anticipated ground breaking. Ready or not this train is rolling! Hope I can hang on.

Happy Friday y'all! 


  1. Love the honesty of our girls!! Graceyn loves to say "poop". Lol.

    1. We are raising little princesses ha!! I'm hoping this is a sign doing it in the potty will happen soon.

  2. Stopping by from the link-up...

    So fun! I loved Full House. I will be the crazy mom that makes my kids watch that instead of whatever cartoon or teenie bopper show is popular. It had great lessons and was centered around family. Have mercy! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Glad you have the same appreciation for the best show on TV like I do :) Tuesday nights were my favorite night of the week because it was Full House night!

      You do the same!