Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Beach Vacation 2014 Part One

We are home from our fun week at the beach in Florida. I was off work for almost two glorious weeks so we are still trying to get back into routine. What a wonderful vacation it was! We sunned and swam and relaxed, we didn't have an agenda and it felt good. Lots and lots of vacation pictures coming up...this is your warning :)

The trip down was less than desirable. Marcus had closing day for his school Saturday morning which meant that we didn't get to leave early in the morning which seems to work best for a baby. A broken iPad screen, one big throw-up, several meltdowns and 9 1/2 hours later we were at the beach. We will only take road trips where we leave early in the morning. We learned our lesson. But we survived and baby girl didn't have to get back in a carseat for nearly the whole week :)

But of course it was all worth while to have this view for the next seven days. We stayed at the Calypso Beach Resort again this year, my Mamaw booked the condo for us and loves it there! It is really conveniently located and you can walk to most everything in Panama. 

Summer Beach Trip 2014- Georgia Grace, 19 months old 
The first couple of days was mostly overcast which wasn't a bad thing since I was white as an Easter lily and we didn't want Georgia Grace getting sun. It also was great for taking pictures on the beach. I just love this picture so much. Gingham, monogram, Beaufort bonnet and my baby girl-all of my favorite things :)

Sweet girl building a sandcastle. She was the peach of the beach this week :)

The second night we were there Marcus and I drove over to Destin (35 minute drive) to eat and shop. We ate at The Crab Trap restaurant where Marcus proposed five years ago this month.

Here we were in June 2009. And it appears we invented the selfie because
no one was at the actual proposal spot to take pictures ha! It was a great trip down memory lane for us.

This girl was sporting all her accessories this morning at the beach.  We called her "Diva" after I took this picture and then she started calling herself that ha! 

Last year she wore her big floppy hat and this year it was a sun bonnet. We brought a big hat but she kept pulling it off or the wind would get it. The bonnet with the tie under the chin worked much better. 

I took my good camera and lens to the beach two days to get some candid shots. Since she was such a water baby this trip most of them are of her in the water with her Daddy.

She is waving at the Ward family in this picture. They just so happened to be at the same beach in the same condo the same week as us! We enjoyed beachin' it with them!

All smiles in the ocean

She felt so safe in her Daddy's arms. Love those sweet hands wrapped around his neck.

This one makes me laugh! She thought she was such a big girl out there.

Big smiles!

Mommy was behind the camera a lot but I did get in a few fun pictures :)

She played in the sand behind our chairs and we had the umbrella up so she would be shaded. This kept her occupied for a while.

Our routine was head out to the beach around 9-9:30, come in for lunch around noon and GGH nap (Mamaw usually stayed in with her for us) while we went back to the beach for the afternoon. Then we would clean up and head out to eat for the night. This night was a Lilly dress night!

We went and ate at Angelo's just like last year. This is our absolute favorite restaurant on the panhandle. If you've never been-GO. You won't be disappointed.

Part two coming tomorrow :)


  1. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time on the beach! The pictures are adorable! I am counting down to our beach trip in August! Can't wait!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! August will be here before you know it. There's nothin like a beach vacation! :)