Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun in the Sun

We've had a good week around here spending a lot of time outside since the longest days of the year are upon us. We've been checking things off of our summer bucket list left and right too. If you rate a day on how fun it was based on the number of outfits Georgia Grace goes through they are off the charts fun :) That's what summer is all about it and we are living it up. 

Wednesday when we got home from church we played outside until dark. This girl would live outside if we let her. She loves it all-swimming, playing, swinging, strolling. As evidenced by her sticky curls on her forehead the summer heat arrived this week. We're not complaining one bit.

Yesterday we had a good old fashioned summer day. We went to Mom and Stan's pool and swam most of the day. I'm trying out this "fun mom" thing :) Georgia Grace said "again" and had the biggest smile on her face after I made a big splash.

Last night we walked to our local snow cone place called The Sno Shack. This place is special to me because when I was a little girl my older cousins owned The Shack and ran it to make money for school, their wedding, etc. They would let me help them make the snow cones and you talk about feeling like a big shot :) It always brings back so many memories for me. GGH got a peaches n' cream sno cone of course and loved it. I will miss the ease of walking for dessert once we move in a few weeks.

Our beach picture CD should be in our mailbox today and I'm so excited to share them! Sarah captures our family so beautifully, I'm in love with all of them.

Happy Friday y'all! We are marrying off one of my dearest friends this weekend, it's going to be a good one!

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