Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Bucket List

The pools are open, the school year is almost over and the grill has already been working overtime at our house. Summer is here and with summer comes carefree, easy days of relaxed schedules and outdoor fun. I can't wait to participate in all the fun activities with my little family and I thought I would create a list of things I wanted us to do this season. I make a list for everything so it only seemed fitting that Summer got a list too :) 

Our 2014 Summer bucket list-
I found this cute printable here and thought it would be the perfect place to put our list. I am going to print it out and hang it on our fridge as a reminder of the fun things we want to cross off our list in the next three months. I hope to make a bucket list every year and let GGH contribute her favorite things.

I kept our activities pretty simple because a.) I wanted to be fairly confident that we would be able to do them and b.) I don't want high expectations. Summer is about going with the flow and living life. 

One of my favorite quotes for summer- "In summer, the song sings itself" by William Carlos Williams. My friend Sarah had this on a chalkboard on her porch last year. It sums this season up perfectly.
I'm excited to cross a few of these off next when we head south for a week at the beach. I'm excited for a list to motivate me to make things happen!

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