Wednesday, May 14, 2014

For My Georgia

I really wish I could bottle you up and keep you this age forever. The exhausting infancy stage is over, the learning-to-walk toddler era is behind us and we haven't reached the terrible twos so we're in an easy place right now. Everyday you learn something(s) new and make me the proudest mom. I want to make sure I remember this special time in your life.

On Mondays we go to MND (Monday night dinner) at Grandmomma's house. You are already there since she keeps you on Mondays so Mommy and Daddy just come there to see you and eat supper. You are always the center of attention and I think it's obvious you like the limelight.

On Tuesdays we go run/walk/stroll/chase birds as a family after supper. This is a new tradition we started this spring and we all four look forward to it. Your Mom and Dad both know how important it is to exercise but we don't want to take time away from you at night so you join us!

On Wednesdays you spend the day with Mamaw Carolyn and we go to Mamaw Embry's for supper and to church. You are privileged to get to grow up knowing all four of your great-grandmothers.

On Thursdays we watch out the front door for Daddy to come home from school. Owen is always by your side because he is equally excited to see his favorite person. This is our favorite part of the day! You like seeing the "school bah" and "kids" walking home too.

You are always smiling and waving. Even at your crazy Mom taking a picture of you in the front yard.

On Fridays you paint me beautiful pictures with your preschool friends. Even though you are the youngest you feel like you should get to participate in all of the things they do. And of course they let you and love the days that "Baby Georgia" is there. You have learned so much from them and hit milestones early following their lead.

Our weekends are pretty easy and laid back. We usually sleep-in (8am) on Saturdays and have a fun day at home. Now that summer is almost here you will probably find us at Gammy's pool a lot too.

One of my favorite times of the day is when you first wake up from your nap. You are so cuddly and happy to see me it makes my heart want to explode.

This past weekend I washed our bedding and when I pulled out our blanket I let you feel how warm it was. You loved it so I wrapped you up in it like a baby. Before I knew it you were sound asleep, way before your normal naptime.
Back in November I blogged about setting up an email account for Georgia Grace that we can use to send her little tidbits that she will enjoy reading when she is 16. Or maybe she won't but I will be glad we did it :) Here was the most recent email sent to her. Marcus usually doesn't contribute to the blog but I asked if I could post this and he obliged. Of course I cried. Of course.

May 9, 2014
Georgia Grace,
Last night, I took you to the ballpark with me to watch some of my students play baseball.  It was just you and me.  We had a fun time!  You got to see your cousin, Keagen, play 2nd base and pitcher for his Little League team, the Cardinals.  My favorite part of the night was holding you in my lap and eating sunflower seeds with you.  You were very curious about what I was eating, so I cracked the shell of a seed and let you bite part of the seed inside.  You liked it!  You observed that I was spitting the shells after I cracked them in my mouth, so you started trying to spit as well.  You looked up at me with those darling, big, brown eyes, then leaned over and tried to spit on the ground, just like you saw “Daddy” doing.  It melted my heart.  I loved that you wanted to be like me.
All my love,

You had us from the moment we laid eyes on you. We are putty in your hands :) A year and a half new suits you well but no matter how old you get my baby you will always be.


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