Friday, November 8, 2013

A Thankful Five On Friday

I'm back to my regular blogging routine and it feels so good. I am such a creature of habit. We've had a fun week of just doing normal things. Playing with new birthday toys, doing a little Christmas shopping (I'm happy to report I am 1/3 of the way finished!), and in depth conversations with the husband about the future. I even had time to update her baby book and finish thank you notes. I'm thankful for the slow down as we prepare ourselves for the busy holiday season. 

Here's my thankful Five on Friday. While writing this it occurred to me just how blessed I am and so the thankful concept was born. This time of year always makes me grateful!

November is MyPlate month at my hospital so we got a little festive and spruced up the cafeteria area. The fake food was a big hit (always). Everyone wants to touch it ha! We are having a "MyPlate Special" meal next week and other neat events throughout the month.
I love and am thankful for my job! 

Our good friend (more like family) Chris made Georgia Grace a wooden ruler growth chart for her birthday and I love it so much!! We knew we wouldn't be in this house forever so I didn't want to start making tick marks on the wall. We put our first mark at the 30 inch notch this week. Such a special, intentional gift! 
I am so thankful for talented friends who love us so well.

Locals-Chris can make a wooden ruler for you if anyone is interested. I have already asked him to make two more for me for gifts! I think they would make PERFECT Christmas presents. If you need his contact info, let me know!

Please remember Chris in your prayers as he lost his mother this week. Esther has been so good to us. She made the beautiful fall wreath that currently hangs on our front door and the pillowcase dress GGH has wore in some pictures. I'm thankful she is home now free of pain and suffering.

Tuesday we took Georgia Grace for her 12 month check up. We have a healthy 30 inch, 19 pound baby girl who is smart as a tack because as soon as the nurse put us in a room she knew what was coming and the waterworks started flowing. Her pediatrician reassured us that at the 15 or 18 month check-up she will start liking them again ha! She received 3 shots and a finger stick. The finger stick hurt her feelings the most and she ripped off her bandaid about 2 seconds after I took this picture. She only cried for a little bit and then she was fine.
Everything looked great! Her pediatrician was impressed with her walking running skills and vocabulary. He set a goal for her to be weaned from the bottle by the 15 month check-up. I kind of winced when he said that. And then he said, "I think mommy needs to go to toughening up school" HA! And he's probably right! 
I am thankful for a healthy, cognitively aware baby and a thorough, honest pediatrician. :) 

While I was pregnant I kept a journal of letters to Georgia Grace. I wanted to keep this going but make it less cumbersome than pen to paper so I decided to set up an email account for her! It's unconventional but it's practical and will be easier to jot down my feelings. I have shared it with our family so they can write to her too! I love that I have the ability to shoot a quick email if I have a life lesson or some words of wisdom I want to share just with her for the future.
I also locked in a good email domain for her so she doesn't have to be "ggh12345678" in 2030 ha! 
I'm thankful for technology when it works for the good. 


I mentioned that I gave Georgia Grace her last breastmilk bottle and I never got around to posting the pictures (and without a picture did it really even happen?!?). Our breastfeeding journey was a unique one that was far from easy but the reward outweighed the hardships ten fold. If I had to do it all again I wouldn't hesitate. My goal was for her to receive breastmilk until her first birthday and I met my goal!!! This is definitely one of my proudest accomplishments in my life.
I'm thankful for the ability to provide breastmilk to my baby for 12 months.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Good luck to the birthday boy coach Gran Stan and BCXC at the state championship meet this weekend!


  1. That email account idea is genius! How fun!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Trying to make my life simpler but not give up the things that mean the most :) Hope you are feeling well! So stinkin' excited for you!