Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends

October is spilling over into November-oops!

I have just a few pictures that I want to share for documentation sake and because I think they are awesome :)

Remember I mentioned we took four generation pictures at the party? I bet you had forgot to ha! I remembered them the other day while I was scowling through my files for a certain picture when I remembered I never got around to posting them. Here they are in all their glory.

Me, Gammy, Georgia Grace, and Mamaw Carolyn

The Harrison girls with Poppa and Mamaw Novis

Dad and Papaw Ernie

(My favorite! I think they just looked better than the rest of us on this day ha!)
Granddad, Grandma, Marcus, GGH, and Grandmomma

Grandpa, Marcus, Georgia Grace, and Meme

Silly Georgia girl playing opossum in the $10 princess castle filled with balls. Solid investment.

The weekend before Halloween we had our annual homemade popcorn ball making party at Grandmomma's house. This is a longstanding tradition that I joined in on when I became part of the family and I always look forward to it. The husband was in charge of popping the corn.

Gram made the sorghum mixture (Isn't she a cute GREAT-grandma!)

And the rest of us (Shannon, Shanna, Jake, Granddad, and me) stirred, rolled, and stuffed the individual popcorn balls into bags for all the family and AKK trick-or-treaters.

Popcorn ball for mommy

A backside action shot of Georgia Grace scaling Gammy's stairs in her pig suit. She was happy for us to pack her the rest of the night after this failed attempt ha!

We got to trick-or-treat at "Aunt Rachel's" house with best baby friend Abbott. He was the cutest little farmer boy. A pig and a farmer-we live in the country y'all!

And that wraps it up! I think I am finished with the back blogging.

It's full steam ahead and I'm not looking back :)


  1. I love generation pix and family traditions! So sweet!

    1. Me too, I make an effort to document those! We will cherish them the most! :)

  2. Popcorn ball party!? I want an invitation next year ;)

    1. The BEST kind of party ;) You got it friend!