Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend + Veteran's Day

I will confess I am dragging this week. And I'm not sure why. We had a normal, restful weekend and I got more sleep than usual. I could barely keep my eyes open yesterday, hence the weekend recap on Tuesday. Caffeine and B12 haven't been able to touch this lethargy! I think it's still the aftermath of the time change.

Saturday afternoon we introduced Georgia Grace to playing in a pile of leaves. Our beautiful Kentucky foliage is mostly on the ground now so Marcus raked them up and we just had fun.

My favorite toothy grin

 Sis observed vest season this weekend with her fur frock. I can't even handle it.

I love this picture except for our concrete driveway and tire shadows in the background. It's a Christmas card contender considering our professional pictures we had made had a lot less smiling!

This will more than likely be our last fall at our happy little home. We will miss this place when we leave. The tree in our front yard saved us lots of money on energy with its canopy, provided great shade for Georgia Grace's first summer pool days, and gave Marcus poison ivy the week before our wedding ha! The memories. 

We had a special guest Saturday night. Our cousin Keagen told me Wednesday that he thought this weekend would be a good one for him to spend the night with us again HA! Of course it was. I love his boldness and confidence in staying at our house. We always want our family and friends to feel welcome in our home. It was a fun night of pizza, football, Sandlot, cookies, forts, and popcorn. I actually think the fort idea was Marcus's. :)

We've decided we are going to hire Keagen to come every Sunday morning to watch GGH while we get ready for church.

Sunday brought our first official boo-boo. Georgia Grace was speed walking through the kitchen when she slipped and hit the edge of our bench which cut the back of her ear. She cried just a little bit and it wasn't until 5 minutes later that we found blood. We didn't think the gash called for stitches so we are cleaning it and applying triple antibiotic cream. She is a tough girl!

Sunday night we went to the birthday boy Cainan's dinosaur party. I can't believe this little country boy is already 5! I remember the morning he was born so well. He stole all of our hearts that day. Happy Birthday Cainan Dakota! We love you!

And in honor of Veterans' Day, here is our girl holding waving the flag for the pledge of allegiance at AKK yesterday morning! It's safe to say she is proud to be an American.

We had plans Sunday to go to the new memorial wall on the courthouse lawn to see it and take a picture with Papaw's brick but naptime interferred. Maybe this weekend we can make that happen.

The high is 39 today. Thank goodness we will be snuggled up at home tonight watching the Cats game. Homemade pizza is on the menu. Go Big Blue!


  1. Love, love, love your fall pictures! I wanted to do some in all the leaves in our yard. Your pictures look adorable!

    1. Thank you! They were very impromptu and candid but sometimes that is the best :)