Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I can easily say this Thanksgiving was one of my favorites. I am use to going several places for the holidays but this year we just went to two dinners in the evening and it was grand.

We slept in (8:30) and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (read: it was on and we watched in between meeting the many needs of a 12 month old). Hubby put up the tree yesterday on his day off so that would be one less thing we had to do today. The rest of the morning/afternoon I helped cook for the Thanksgiving feast. 

Georgia Grace even got in on helping make the pumpkin pie :) She seriously loves to be in the kitchen. Maybe the culinary gene skips a generation.

Our family of 3 on Thanksgiving 2013

And an outtake. This is her new favorite face to make. Kills me!

My mischievous little turkey. I was so excited for her to wear her Thanksgiving dress. And those orange dot shoes are the best things I have bought her. She's wore them a billion times from September to November and they are still going strong.

Our 11th Thanksgiving together. I remember our 1st Thanksgiving I had ran over a cat on my way to meet his extended family and I was so upset and his mom (now my MIL) was so sweet and comforting. So I decided to stick around! :)

Happy and hungry for the Thanksgiving feast

Some of the aftermath of Thanksgiving 2013.

After Thanksgiving at Grams we went to my Aunt Kim's for Embry Thanksgiving. We had to get a cousin picture of course. We've outgrown stairwell pictures!

Being the only baby on both sides of the family definitely has its perks! All eyes are on her everywhere we go. I don't think she minds it either.

"I'm going to be on Harrison Homeplace" HA!
This is my cousin Michelle AKA Shelky. She is our rich cousin. She lives in Brentwood, Tn, taught Luke Bryan's son (!!!!!) and just bought $800 One Direction tickets!! When she told us about the tickets we said, "It must be nice to be rich" and she said, "I'm not anymore" HA! I love her. (And she will probably kill me for putting this on here but remember she lives in Tennessee so I'm safe. Until Christmas at least.)

And this little piece of gold probably excited me more than all the other Thanksgiving food combine-deer jerky! I look forward to this every winter and I was so pumped when my uncle brought it out. The best thing in the world!!

We are recovering from our food comas today by decorating the house for Christmas! And I have the cutest little elf helping me. :) Scattering ornaments all over the floor was her specialty.

In years past you would have found me in the Black Friday lines today searching for a good bargain but not this year. It was all fine and dandy until they started creeping the sales into Thanksgiving day and that is just something I will not do is shop on the holiday. Call me a traditionalist but there are just some things I won't sacrifice and being with my family on Thanksgiving is one of them. So today we are playing in our pjs, eating leftovers and trimming the tree instead. And I am completely content with that! 

I think I have officially turned Black Friday girl to Cyber Monday girl :)

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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