Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Santa Came To Town

Happy December! 

Saturday night we made our annual trip to see Santa. I say annual but this is only our 2nd Santa visit and she was about 8 weeks old the first time so it all kind of felt new again.

We waited in line for an hour but it was worth it because I love this Santa! I hope we can take our kids to the same Santa every year.

Our big girl waiting in line to sit in the big guy's lap. Everything was going really good at this point. She had watched several kids go in front of her and was even waving and smiling at Santa. I went in with zero confidence that we wouldn't end in tears but I had a glimmer of hope for these few seconds.

Then it was her turn. Santa complimented how beautiful she was and her pretty peacoat and we were still all smiles. Santa told me to bring her around to the side and sit her in his lap so she didn't directly see his face. So I did just that but you can tell she was already smelling a rat.

And here you have it folks. Our 2013 Santa picture. Priceless!

I never want to see my baby upset but this is just soooo funny! I know I will look forward to framing it and pulling it out every Christmas for a good laugh. When we were done Santa said, "Well that didn't go well" HA!

Mommy's poor baby. Bless it. Maybe next year! :)

From sleeping to squalling ha!

We (Grandmomma and Granddad came with us to help out and I'm so glad they did) were all spent at this point so we forfeited shopping and went to eat. We ate at a restaurant in Nashville called Caney Fork and their "bread" are these cornbread nuggets that taste so much like funnel cakes-delicious! Everything was so yummy. We will definitely be back.

It's home of the world record 63 point buck. I had to snap a pic!

On Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's family. My siblings were not in town on the actual holiday so they waited for the weekend to have it. Georgia Grace loved her new toy from Uncle Cody and Sarah. And playing with it with Uncle Eric!

Cody, Sarah, Mom, and Stan

I enjoyed my 4 day holiday so so much! I was off all last year on maternity leave through the holidays so I miss not being home day in and day out during this season but it just makes the time at home that much sweeter.


  1. Aw bless her heart! I love love love your outfit!!!

    1. I know it, we are just a little dramatic! :)
      Thank you! Everything is at least two seasons old ha! I'm loving the vest trend.