Thursday, December 19, 2013

Brain Dump

We are in the midst of such a busy week. Company Christmas party, school Christmas party, potluck at work, open house at's a doozy! My mind is in several places so I'm just jotting down some notes of what's going on in our neck of the woods.

1. Georgia Grace loves our Christmas tree and gets into it every night. Luckily no ornaments have broke and tears have been kept to a minimum

2. This is kind of personal but I wanted to document to remember in case I need to refer back to it in the future. We are battling constipation with GGH hard these days. The transition from breast milk to whole milk did not go as well as planned. She accepted it beautifully but it has led to some bowel problems. We haven't quite figured out the best remedy yet. We are strongly pushing fluids and that's going better but she is just not a big drinker. And she still prefers her bottle over anything. I'm hoping the newest action we have taken will be the answer. It's been pitiful though. Makes my mommy heart so sad.

3. In reference to #2, she is slowly learning how to drink from anything other than her bottle. She has never been crazy about her sippy (we think it's because she has to do it herself; no spoiling here!) and hasn't quite mastered the straw yet so we are trialing all methods of drinking. I have been concerned that she hasn't been drinking enough so we are offering beverages from a sippy, straw, and wide mouth cup.
She's doing much better! We used some good ol' peer pressure at AKK to help demonstrate how to drink from a cup. You'll notice she thought it was the thing to do when the big girls were doing it.

4. She has learned to shake her head "No". If someone holds out their hands to hold her and she's not interested or if we offer her a drink and she's not thirsty, she politely just shakes her head.

5. I finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday and I'm pretty proud of that. There's usually one or two odds and ends that I still need at the 11th hour but not this year.

6. Christmas Cards have been ordered for over a week now but still haven't been delivered. Guess I'll pull an all-nighter when they arrive getting them addressed and stamped!

7. I gave my boss her Christmas gift today and it brought her to tears. This is a mousepad with all the Department Heads that are under her. I had never seen her cry so I knew it was special to her.

8. Our trip to Jackson Hole for my dad's 50th birthday is a little over a week away. This will be Georgia Grace's first plane ride so I've started researching the must knows for air travel with a baby. I'm so so excited about this trip! I wonder if we have enough warm clothes?!? The 10 day forecast shows a whopping high of 23 and low of 6 for next Friday. Brrrr!


  1. We traveled with Kennedy on a cross country flight to Oregon when she was 7 months old. She did really well, slept most of the time and we gave her bottles at take off to help with ear pressure. We are going back this summer and I am a little worried. I think it will be a lot different with a 19 month old! Please do a post after you get back on air travel with a toddler! :) So sorry to hear Georgia Grace's tummy issues, that's no fun! I wish I could offer advice but I stopped nursing Kennedy at 6 months. Kudos to you for nursing so long! :)

    1. Great idea on giving a bottle for ear pressure, I am calling our pediatrician tomorrow to get advice from him but this sounds like a great idea. I definitely will do a post! And thank you, at this point I wish I could breastfeed her forever ha! Six months is amazing too!