Friday, December 6, 2013

Catch Up And A Snow Day

This week hasn't offered any spare time for blogging so I'm sitting here multitasking on a Friday night cranking out a blogpost and watching the UK/Baylor game. We are in the middle of "Ice Storm 2013" which created another 4 day weekend for me-yay! 

Right now we just have ice with a little snow on top but it looks like more snow will be on the way Sunday. I don't think I can ever remember it snowing THREE times before Christmas! Kentucky weather, you get the most unpredictable award.

Speaking of predictions, we finally got to found out the gender of Baby Ross and it's a....
We can't wait to meet Roman Henry Ross!!!

I am just sooooo happy for them. Rachel will be a perfect boy mom. And oh my goodness Georgia Grace is going to be surrounded by the fellas! I think she is happy about that ;)

Party of six! Roman will be the perfect addition to our crew. 

The reveal party was so fun and these two bonded like always. I saw first hand how children think other children's food is better. We seriously had just fed her before we left the house and she insisted on trying to eat all of Abbott's food. But he returned the favor by drinking out of her bottle ha! These two are true entertainment.

I have stopped doing my monthly posts (tear) once we hit the 1 year mark but I still want to document our firsts when they happen. This really isn't a big deal to anyone but  me probably but I bought Georgia Grace's first pair of big girl shoes. I had to shop in the Toddler section instead of the Infant section for the first time. It made me all sentimental. I don't know when her foot grew to a size 5 but here we are. My sweet baby is turning into a little girl.

Another purchase I made this week is this coat rack for Georgia Grace's room. All of her coats needed a place to live and I thought this one from Hobby Lobby was darling! The side drawer pulls are perfect for her winter hats with the velcro strap under the chin. I've already got it mounted and full.

Our snow day consisted of playing, eating, wrapping presents, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, eating, online shopping, and more eating. Winter weight here I come. It was a cozy, wear-your-pjs-all-day fun time! Maybe we will be making snow angels by the end of the weekend.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. Dad will have many fellas to keep back from cute little Georgia Grace ;)

  2. Adorable shoes!!! The weather here has actually been very warm but we spent all day in our pj's today too! :)

    1. Thank you! I thought they would get us through Valentines Day so they're practical ;) PJ days are the best days!