Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Doing

December is quickly passing us by and I'm trying my best to get things documented. We have been busy and Georgia Grace has been puny so I haven't found the motivation to blog like other months. We took her to the doctor yesterday and she has another ear infection :(. We are praying she is well for Christmas and our trip out west!

Despite being under the weather we still were able to celebrate Christmas this week in lots of fun ways. Tis the season!

For Marcus' class Christmas party my MIL always make the students a big crockpot of hot chocolate and Georgia Grace got to help with the tradition this year. Her favorite favorite thing to do is stir. She is always packing around a spoon and looking for something she can whip up. 

Friday was also the AKK Christmas party. Georgia Grace got to join in on the fun and show off her dance moves!

She danced with a boy for the first time at the party. Aiden was her dance partner and she is very fond of him. Tell me how she is already doing this?!?

Friday night we had the Ross' over to exchange Christmas gifts. This was her first real experience opening gifts this year and she was all about it.

Such a big girl these days. Too big in my opinion!

Uncle Nate, Aunt Rachel, Georgia Grace, and Roman Henry. Can't wait to have him with us next Christmas!

Saturday was a "stay in and get well" day. Just like with all children it seems she only feels bad at night and does great through the day. This was me attempting to get a picture of her in front of our tree. And this is real life. I think we are going to have a very blurry Christmas! :)

I took a picture with her in front of the tree last year so I wanted to carry on that tradition. She was all smiles and feeling great Sunday despite a rough start to the weekend.

Christmas 2012 & Christmas 2013
What a difference a year makes! And I should mention that she is wearing the exact same dress both years. One of the many reasons I love smocking.
GGH decided to give the sitting in Santa's lap thing another try at my mamaw's on Sunday. She liked this Santa much better. She gave him loves and everything. We've made a real turnaround!

This is what exhaustion looks like.

It's Christmas Eve Eve! I remember when I was little starting the "It's Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve..." way early in December ha! That wasn't annoying at all I'm sure.

 Let the festivities begin!

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