Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend recap will be pretty minimal and boring because that kind of sums up the weekend and it was perfect. I got more sleep this weekend than since I can remember. And we had so much fun. Here's what our weekend looked like-

As I mentioned on Friday, we had our "1st Annual Gammy's Christmas Sleepover". We headed over to their house when I got home on Friday and didn't leave until Saturday evening when Marcus got back from his hunting trip. GGH spent a lot of time on Gammy's hip this weekend.

She loved playing on the steps and with their cat Peanut. Peanut wasn't as crazy about his visitor as she was him but they got along just fine.

She was too busy for pictures. She loves thoroughly exploring Gammy's house when we visit. And we had our first experience with her trying to open a Christmas present. She stopped when we told her "No" so I was proud of her. She keeps us busy!!

My sister came to the sleepover too but didn't get there until late due to babysitting obligations. Georgia Grace was already asleep when she got there so I told her I would stay up with her for a little while. And guess what us wild women did?!? Watched episodes of Supermarket Sweep on YouTube!!

Y'all that might be my favorite show of all time (behind Full House of course). And I had kind of forgot about it but something jogged my memory of it the other day and since then I have been setting up our ipad on a stand in the kitchen and watching episodes while I cook supper.

Marcus had never even heard of the show. And thinks I'm crazy. Maybe he's right!

Saturday morning we slept in (well GGH was up at 4:55 am but once she went back to sleep she slept until 9 am) and lounged around the house. We watched the Cats lose (I don't want to talk about it) and then we headed home to greet daddy.

While the girls were wearing pjs and baking cookies, Marcus and Eric went bear hunting. They had the best time based on the reports that I have received. Much more fun than walking a graduation line so he says ha! They did not kill or see a bear but 7 bears were killed in EKy this weekend. They made history by hunting in the first ever bear season in Whitley County, Kentucky. Love them both!

Sunday was our church's Christmas Cantata and one of my best friends since birth came!! I was so excited to see her and her family. She graduated with her Masters in Nursing from WKU this weekend. I'm so proud of her! The memories with this girl are endless. She is my kindred spirit.

Sunday afternoon was our town's Christmas parade. We braved the cold and attended but stayed inside my dad's office mostly and watched from the window. It was too cold to wave but she watched and loved it all. Her precious peacoat and hat were early Christmas gifts from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna. I love them on her!
Sunday night we went to a cookie baking party at my Aunt Kim's. Their house is full of boy toys but she found a way to make them fun :)

The busyness of the season arrives this week and I feel a little overwhelmed by all my obligations but I am just going to take it one day at a time and enjoy the season. The hustle and bustle fuels me to get everything done so I'm not rushed during the 11th hour tying up loose ends. I want to enjoy every second of Christmas with our little angel.

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  1. I am loving Christmas with a little one too! It is so much fun! My husband would LOVE to go bear hunting, how cool. And oh my goodness I completely forgot about Supermarket Sweep! LOL. Love it!