Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Her personality is really starting to blossom and I want to remember the funny things she said/did at the one year marker. I think I will remember all of these things but of course I won't so I better write them down.

She is saying new words daily now. Aunt Shanna was eating a banana and Georgia Grace said, "apple" ha! Same food group so I call it a success.

When she is not wanting to go to sleep, she will hit herself in the head with her fist. She has done this for several months now. It works for a few minutes until she finally gives in. Maybe just maybe she's a little bit hard-headed :)

Her absolutely hands-down favorite thing to play with is my pens. They are the ones that I use to color code my daily planner and I store them in this red pouch. If she sees the red pouch in my purse or laying out on the counter she has to have it. Luckily she hasn't figured out how to take the top off of the pens yet. It will be a very sad day when that happens.

We had our first sister/doggy brother scuffle the other day over a toy. The toy was originally hers but Owen had chewed the eyes off (any toy with hard eyeballs WILL be destroyed) so we had let him have it and she decided she wanted it back. There were no tears but several back and forth takeaways. It was hysterical to watch. Who needs TV? We have free entertainment on the daily!

She waves to people ALL the time. Monday night she was laying down in the living room just waving her little hand off at the TV and saying, "bye shhhh"--the verdict is still out on who/what "shhhh" is. She also did the parade wave to the church congregation Sunday as we were going out to the nursery. She does not lack confidence!

She loves to throw things away in the trashcan. About a month ago our TV remote went missing. We searched high and low for a week. Then we started noticing random things in the trash-my pens, cellphones, babydoll bottle. I think it's safe to say the remote is in a landfill somewhere.

The other night she pulled her chair up to the fire all by herself! She had a "fireside chat" with herself for a little while. She is such a little person now.

Our house, heart, and hands are full!

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