Friday, November 1, 2013

BirthDAY and Halloween 2013

What a full, fun week! First birthday and Halloween and plenty of pictures to go with it. Here is a little recap of our festivities-

She fell asleep as an 11 month old...

and woke up as a one year old!!

I took a picture of her at exactly 9:35 a.m. and how fitting she was taking her bottle and I was rocking her to sleep. Still my baby.

The birthday girl in her pumpkin patch!

I took several of these and I am glad I did because she wasn't near this happy with our professional pictures we attempted to take. Oh boy that's another story for another day.

I love every picture I take of her looking down because those eyelashes make my heart melt!

Pretty sure she was chewing on a rock in this one.

CHEESE! So happy to be a big one year old!

We went to the AKK Halloween/Georgia's birthday party that morning. She sat in the middle of the circle and opened the gift from AKK.

To show her appreciation, she clapped and blew kisses to the kids after she opened her present :) I think she loves them just a little bit.

I thought this was such a sweet picture. They all love her so much!

One cupcake for the one year old (who is trying to touch the flame)!

Blowing out her candle

I didn't mean to take a picture of the back of her head but I am glad I did because I want to be able to remember just how much hair she had at one year. A LOT.

Party time!

They always say a prayer before they eat and I look up and she had prayer hands and I about died! I had to snap a picture. The MOST precious thing.

She turns a year old and thinks she can eat at a picnic table with 2 and 3 year olds ;( Too big!

Daddy came over for lunch and brought her a bouquet of flowers. "Awwwww dada"

Reading her card from daddy. She is one lucky girl to have a daddy like him!

Later that afternoon we went to visit Marcus' classroom to meet his students and take them some Halloween cupcakes. The students were so excited to meet her and she loved being the center of attention.

Her birthday banner on the smartboard

Big smiles for Mr. Harrison's students!

That night we went to granddad and grandmomma's house for a little birthday cake to honor the birthday girl. They gave her a new slide and swing set! Right up her alley.


More gifts from Uncle Jake and Aunt Shanna. She is ruined y'all, completely ruined! :)

GGH in the center of the table with all eyes on her which just happens to be her favorite place to be!

I ran out of time planning the birthday party, birthday events, and Halloween and opted to buy her birthday cake. I ordered a cake from Walmart last minute and was worried about it. I was even more worried after I left the store because I just didn't feel like the baker understood what I was wanting.

 Boy did she ever prove me wrong!! The cake was perfect! And only $6.84! I couldn't have bought all the ingredients and equipment for that.

She changed her mind about the whole smash cake bit. She thoroughly enjoyed herself this time around.

She insisted on daddy getting in on the action

This picture is so surreal to me. We have a one year old now. Unbelievable! We had a great day celebrating our Georgia Grace.

And now for a little Halloween action...
Introducing Georgia the pig!

I called her piggly wiggly because I could barely get any pictures of her. She is on the go go go!

This costume is one of my favorite things ever. We had a hot and stormy Halloween for Kentucky and of all years I dress her in a very warm costume! Just my luck. She wore it for a while and then we shed it and let her run around in her sleeper. She couldn't fit in her car seat anyway ha!

We just drove to a few relatives and friend's houses and called it a night. It's really not about the trick or treating when they are this young so we didn't push it. She was happier stripped of her pig suit ha!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween too! And Happy November! We are looking forward to a month to slow down and rest.


  1. Good gracious she is so stinkin cute! I know I say that all the time but she is, yall are the cutest little family!!!

    1. You are too kind!! Thanks so much! She's the best of the both of us :))