Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Holiday Spirit

It is Thanksgiving week which means it is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I can barely contain myself with the excitement!

Marcus' favorite holiday by far is Thanksgiving. He loves the family, food, football, hunting and tradition minus the stress, gifts, and overloaded schedule. And I totally get it. This year our Thanksgiving day is super low key and I am thankful for that.

I am going to act like an "adult" this holiday and contribute to the Thanksgiving feast. I am making deviled eggs and a two cheese squash casserole recipe that Marcus picked out. I am 26 so I guess it's time I start pulling my weight.

My family is blessed with some AMAZING cooks and I have never been needed in the kitchen but this year I'm providing even if it's not needed. It won't hurt me to practice my culinary skills and what a perfect opportunity to do so. If it tastes like dirt at least we will have Gram's dressing and Mamaw Carolyn's sweet potato casserole to fall back on. But I'm hopeful it won't taste like dirt! Or salty brownies. Or cardboard-y pizza. I could go on but I will spare myself.

We still don't have a picture for our Christmas card. I was banking on using one from her 12 month pictures but that didn't pan out so I'm not sure what we will do. Going to have to get creative! But I don't think we can beat last year's card/birth announcement anyway...

I loved getting to spend the entire holiday season at home with my newborn baby last year. We timed that one right!

I can feel the Christmas spirit starting to take over. I have watched a few cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies while rocking Georgia Grace to sleep, switched the sheets to flannel, and started the "When can we get the Christmas decorations down?" plea :) The fireplace has been a blazin' and my warm pajamas and slipper socks have never felt so good at night when I get home from work :)

And last night I baked 40 pumpkin muffins for Marcus' class and we had our first snow of the season!! It was just a dusting but it counts. I jumped at the opportunity to try out some of our winter gear. She doesn't wear many hats but agreed to this one. There's nothing like 19 degree weather and the first snow to put you in the spirit.

The holidays are here! Our 2nd holiday season as daddy + mommy + baby is upon us and we are ready for it!


  1. Ha! I love how you're going to start acting like an "adult" now and bring something to Thanksgiving. That's always an issue in my family - I gave in this year and am going to start being an "adult" and bring dessert. I'd rather just eat the food honestly. Hehe. Good luck to both of us :)

    1. Good for you! Maybe we will both have success in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! Lots of pressure! My husband is deep frying the turkey and I am making sweet potato casserole and broccoli and cheese casserole and rolls. Family members are bringing the rest of the sides and desserts. Hopefully it will go well! :)

    1. Good luck! I am excited to host our families for the holidays once we have a bigger home. Happy Thanksgiving!!