Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Georgia Grace!

Georgia Grace,
One year ago today at 9:35 am we welcomed all 8 pounds and 2 ounces of you into this world. Your daddy and I earned the title parents that day and we finally got to meet our daughter. You were the daughter mommy dreamed of dressing up with big bows and monograms. And the daughter daddy dreamed of sharing the special father-daughter bond with.

Your delivery was quick and easy, just like the newborn days that followed. Three months passed and we wondered where the time went. And six months and nine months and here we are today celebrating your first birthday! This has been the fastest and BEST year of our lives.

 Everything this past year has been so exciting and new. We often joked that you are our "guinea pig" and maybe we will figure it out by the time your brothers/sisters come along :). Even in our numerous parenting fails (i.e. too thick homemade baby food, double dose of antibiotic, dirty diaper disasters) I hope you will know how loved you are and that we tried our best despite our shortcomings. This past year would have been boring if not for the "excerpts".

You are an affectionate, happy, and animated child that keeps us smiling and laughing. Your beauty is undeniable and we think you inherited the best traits of both of us. I remember the first time I saw your precious face and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. One of my proudest moments was seeing your head full of dark hair ha! You have stolen the hearts of so many people, Georgia Grace. Those big brown eyes know how to pull heart strings.

Being the first born you are privileged in getting to experience all the firsts along with us. First night at home as a family of 3 (scary stuff!), first bath, first time sleeping through the night (!), first holidays, first haircut, first words. And you achieved these milestones so well and most of them early! You are our little overachiever.

I often find myself talking out two sides of my mouth because I desperately want you to stay my baby forever but yet I wouldn't trade your growth and maturity for anything. Parenting has a funny way of making you do that. When I reflect on this past year I get excited for the next firsts we will experience-first sentence, first bike ride, first school picture, first report card, first ballgame/dance recital/play, first date, first prom. The best is yet to come!

Our prayer is that you will grow to love the Lord and that you will be able to see Him in us. We pray daily for your health, actions, friends, future husband and most importantly your salvation. Our greatest gift we can give you is to show you Jesus.

Happy 1st Birthday to our firstborn and sweet Georgia peach! We love you SO much more than you will ever know! Bring on year #2!


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