Monday, October 21, 2013


The #lovesalmons wedding is officially a wrap! Words can't describe the amazement of the whole event. To be able to plan a wedding in about 30 days and for it to be absolutely stunning is completely a God thing. His hand was on everything, to Him be all the glory!

Here are a few candid moments that I just had to share (most of them can be found under the #lovesalmons hashtag on twitter and IG). Enjoy!  

The bridesmaid's reaction to seeing her for the first time. I'm so glad I grabbed my camera for this moment. There is nothing more sincere than raw emotion.

We have the exact same picture of me on my wedding day. There's just something about generation pictures that makes me melt. I think this would be perfect framed on both of our dressers.

Simply breathtaking. I have never seen her look so beautiful. Eric was a complete mess when he saw her for the first time :)

Let's just talk about her dress for a second. I'm going to toot my horn because I found the dress!!! We had to order it so she never got to try it on. When it arrived she slipped it on and it fit her like a glove. Seriously it was not altered in any way! This dress seriously was made for her (a God thing y'all). It reminded us so much of Princess Kate's. Of course I think "Princess Paige" wears the crown in this comparison :).

And her bouquet was made by her bridesmaid Sophie who is taking a floral design class and just gave it a shot and it came out like that! That gal has endless talent.

Just a few details captured by one of the groomsmen's girlfriend (who by the way flew in from VA and the groomsmen Luke flew in from CA!!). It was a picture perfect fall evening. 

Our beautiful flower baby riding in her wagon which she decided was pretty cool AFTER the ceremony ha! Oh well, I think it was special that I got to walk my baby down the aisle with me.

Sweet bridesmaid Kara took this of us right before they left for their honeymoon weekend. I couldn't be more proud to call her my sister AND best friend.

Instead of the traditional guest book Paige's bridesmaid Megan free handed a world map on a canvas and everyone signed their name on a country and prayed for that country during the prayer portion of the ceremony. I loved everything about giving this traditional concept an intentional purpose.

And this picture tells the story of the night! It was spectacular, breathtaking, spirit feeled, and Christ centered. 

We have had so many people ask if there will be a video of the service and the answer is YES. The Best Man Dallas owns  Dallas Wilson Video Productions and his assistant filmed for him so he could be in the wedding. His videos are AMAZING. Seriously if you are a bride in the Kentucky/Tennessee area you MUST get him. I wish I had known about him 3 1/2 years ago! I can't brag on his work enough!

More to come but I think these images give you a great idea of what an incredible night it was. I love those two #lovesalmons so much!

****And here are a few more professional pictures taken from the big day that I knew must be included in our family scrapbook

Studs studs studs

The wedding party

My sister, my best friend

 She is such the baby and I am such the first born :)

Awesome detail of the back of her dress in this picture. Her dress is my favorite of all time.

Just look at my face-I think I was making faces at GGH in the corner

The failed attempt to ride in a wagon down the aisle and a near wardrobe malfunction

 But all was well in Mommy's arms. I liked it better this way anyway.

Giving her blessing to Aunt Paigey and Uncle Eric

Wedding party praying over the couple. Paige started to feel weak at this point so I am fanning her profusely.

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Salmons!!!

Dancing down the aisle!

My two best girls
And they lived happily ever after :)


  1. How beautiful! She looked stunning and so did you!
    You must be so proud :)

    I LOVE the map idea! Precious!

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn't be more proud of her. Yes the map idea is genius!